Pelli-Kefaro: The Empty Throne

The God King's Gifts III
The Common Tongue

Mandoregnas looked down from his throne and saw his glorious city. Within its countless spires and roads his people were happy. They had everything he could gift to them, and whatever they needed he was able to provide.

Then he looked up and saw there were still places his light had not yet reached. This he sent forth his Magisters to learn more about these lands.

When they returned they bowed before him.

“My dear Magisters,” spoke the God King, “what have you learned?”

Mechanus was the first to speak.

“My divinity, beyond your light are many wonders. Remnants of the ancients, and people who have grown grandiose in their abilities have carved out a life beyond our realm.”

“Some use gifts they have learned from our kingdom. Others are merely determined individuals of great repute and worth,” said Mav’Shenai.

The God King pondered and was silent.

“It is decided,” he said, “I must go and explore these lands for myself.”

And so he did. As he explored he learned of many great things. He discovered ways of life that have been eked out beyond his light. But he saw that, though they lived well, many were divided by their language.

Thus he divised a plan. With his Magisters he crafted a new tongue, easy to understand and teach. And with that he sent his Magisters to enact trade with the outside kingdoms using this language.

With time they too adopted this manner of speech. Soon the once separated kingdoms were slowly unified through a common tongue. There were those who wished this language to be declared Mandoregnan in honor of the one who crafted it.

But the God King spoke out.

“This language does not belong to me. It belongs to the elf that wishes to speak with the dwarf. It belongs to the king who wishes to understand their subjects. It belongs to you all, so that everyone may come to a common understanding.”

And thus the Common Tongue was gifted to the people of Pelli-Kefaro.

The God King's Gifts II
The Light of Knowledge

The Magister, Malaketh, was walking down the road one day. During his travels he found a caravan made of patchwork cloth and pulled by a bull, a donkey, and a camel. Within the caravan were three merchants, who were bickering and making little sense to one another.

Malaketh spoke, “Pardon me Merchants, but can you explain what my eyes see before me? I have been many places, but you three are an unusual sight to say the least.”

The three merchants ceased their bickering, at once amazed this stranger could speak their languages.

“We are lost,” said the first merchant.

“We have are looking for Ulcanthias, but we can not agree on a direction,” said the second merchant.

“Our maps have led us astray many times and we cannot decide which map is most correct,” said the third merchant.

“Perhaps I could help?” Said the Magister. Malaketh asked for the maps, to which they obliged, still in awe of his power. Upon seeing them Malaketh began tearing the maps apart.

“Wanderer!” They cried out, “you claim to help and yet you have destroyed our only hope to navigate.”

Before they could retake their maps the Magister started putting the pieces back together. They watched in amazement as the once torn maps had suddenly reformed into a new map. Upon this new map they saw Malaketh had made some changes, for he not only repositioned their own maps but had added his own markings. They stared in awe and realized this new map could lead them anywhere within the realm.

It was then Malaketh spoke.

“Merchants be glad, for you now are no longer lost. Follow this to Ulcanthias and you may sell your wares. However, within the city of Ulcanthias lies a treasure beyond gold. The gift of magic and opportunity, which eclipses all, flows freely there. It is this I say, when you gaze upon the Golden Gates leading to that holy place, consider staying a while to cultivate what you can, and bring such gifts back to the world outside, just as I have done for you.”

The merchants did as they were told, and brought back gifts to the world outside. They in turn brought thrice more people, who also brought thrice more, until entire countries ventured to the God King’s city. Within decades a common dialect was spoken, stars were charted, and a calendar was crafted. What was once a people divided by superstition and misunderstanding soon became a world full of people united by a thirst for knowing.

Thus the light of knowledge was gifted to the people of Pelli-Kefaro.

The God King's Gifts I
The Promise of a Future

In the beginning when the world was in turmoil, we were all divided. Not just by race, but also by language, by location, far more so than we are today. In those days, when giants roamed freely across the world and dragon fire lit the skies like mayfly suns, we small people were tribalistic.

Back then we smaller races were forced to bend to the larger ones. Used as slaves, or as experiments, the greater races gave little regard for the significance of our lives. Those fortunate enough to escape formed their own societies. We fed off the scraps of resources the larger races devoured. We stayed in our conclaves, only thinking of the next hunt or the next birth. We spent every day like rabbits in holes, hoping one day the nightmares would end.

Then one day, it did. His coming trumpeted like a horn across the world, and his Radiance had outshone the sun. He declared himself Mandoregnas, the God King chosen by Pantheons, and that this world was his domain.

At first things only grew worse. Fearful their power would be contested, the five races gathered in a series of tenuous agreements. They banded together and created horrors and travesties of unimaginable might. Titanic beasts stalked the world and rifts in the fabric of existence were torn open. We suffered more, and in greater numbers. We felt the end of times had come.

Fortunately this was not to be, as Mandoregnas was as wise as he was powerful. Within his city of gold and galaxies, he chose twelve people to inherit his will, and through them they fought back the horrors wrought upon the world. They saved where they could, won where fighting was needed, and destroyed those that threatened the peace. And when the fighting had finished, even the five ancients had acknowledged Mandoregnas as the true master of this plane.

Many were skeptical at first. Would we be forced to slave away under a new, more terrifying master? Were we to continue this cycle of tribalistic fear and oppression? We had many questions, but the God King had but one answer.

“Though I take the mantle of king, I am not your dominator. I am no ruler unless it is the will of you all. From this day forward, your lives are your own. Your pasts have been fraught with pain and sorrow. However, your futures are now free. Free to live life according to your hopes and dreams. Anyone who chooses to lead life on their own terms will have me as an ally. And all who threaten that freedom will know my righteous fury.”

And so the promise of a future was the God King’s first gift to us all.

Elantian Odyssey
The tale of how I met the Kinda Queen and her cohorts

Normally, I wouldn’t think to leave a record of my travels. Too much distraction and actions speak louder than print. However given the circumstances, this may be one story that requires an exception.

My name is Amaranthae Kali’kur Azai, first of my House, hunter of vile beasts and commander of the Steel Veil.

All of this started when I was summoned by an agent of Lord Imoteru Kali’kur, the High Inquisitor, and Ser Eidmond Ola’Ru Millicenti. A task had been sent for me, supposedly simple request for assistance in dealing with an external threat that had descended upon Alcimoth and the escort of a group of people who had a knack for attracting the abnormal. I readily jumped at the chance to prove myself once more and further cement my position.

The Veil and I set out as soon as we could, arriving the next day. Though this should have been protocol in such situations, as it turned out we were arriving too late to a situation that was far from protocol. Ser Eidmond and his sister had fallen the previous day, the same one which we received his call. Though there was naught we could have done in short notice, the sting was still the same.

Still, we had a task at hand, and Ser Eidmonds death would not be in vain. I met with my charges. When I expected some haughty nobles, I instead got a ragtag group that rallied around a young girl. Lynette Ola’ru Rowe. Silly girl even went to far as to pull me aside, concerned for MY safety, to warn me how much danger I would be in. I would have been honored to be to considered, but danger was already a close friend to me.

The troubles with this group did not waste any time to appear. A court trial of all things, really? And to make matters worse the opponent was a wily old snake. That blasted old woman really knew how to make a jab while dodging them herself. One of Lynettes cohorts, a dragonborn named Khyati was the source of the trouble. He had done something to the girl that this woman claimed to be her daughter, a lie of course. He brought along this fellow of theirs to be his council. Of course the man tried his best, but it was pretty obvious that he was no lawyer, and his knowledge of high society law was no greater than my own. The old bitch managed to win out in the end and took one of his treasured possessions, as well as a hefty sum of money. All of that for nothing, just to find that she destroyed it out of spite.

We thought that to be one thing behind us, a case of closure for the victim and accused alike. Of course that was wrong as well. I accompanied the others, along with the Veil, to a celebration of the fallen at one of the local taverns. For the most part it was a joyous time, drinking and merry to be had one and all. I learned more about my new companions, including another newcomer besides myself. While our attention was diverted though, Khyati snuck off to meet with the girl, Enali, in secret and was ambushed. Talk about killing a good time, and right after a riveting drinking contest at that. With the prospect of a dangerous person around, the party was of course promptly called off and we were made to return to the Millicenti manor. There was concern over the girls safety, so I sent my Veil to find her, which they did mind you.

Apparently the girls real mother had been there the whole time, that was the reason behind the secret meeting. All kinds of wonderful things came to light, including a horrifying vision the likes of which I don’t ever want to relive. Long story short, the girl was made a fool of by her ‘mother’, all while the real one fought against everything just for a chance to find her again. To make matters worse, whoever the fake mother claimed to be didn’t seem to actually exist, and was likely using her surrogate siblings and friends to the same degree. I offered her a chance, help us and help herself. That seemed to get her attention, and I sent the Veil to watch over her safety when she went to speak to them on our behalf, hoping to reveal the truth.

Things are never as easy as we hope.

To be continued.

Remembrance pt. 8

Cen’Acnes is still a grand city, I’ll give it that. Lily road cuts through the streets with impeccable precision and beauty, all the while accentuating the grand Acnecian architecture that even the most common of houses get to enjoy.

Even better they still serve fried prickles.

The lords have all arrived today, and the town is bustling with festivities. With everything going on today, there is nothing that could ruin my attitude.

I stand corrected.

Apparently a lot less people are happy to see me than I expected.

Though I never guessed it would have come from those five. Madisan says they have a lot on their minds, and for that I shouldn’t take it personal. She also said I could lighten up a bit too.

Yes dear. I’ll get right on that. Right after I prevent what feels like the world from breaking and regain my sanity.

It should be so easy.

Remembrance pt.6 & 7

While looking through my journals today I noticed something unusual.

Some of the words are oddly shaped, but done so in a way that implies it was intentional. After studying each letter I realized it was a code. One that led to another. And another.

The code led me to a spot in my bag where I found a pocket dimension. Within it was a singular book. It looked old and worn. Hardly remarkable at all. I don’t know why though, but I feel a weight upon my stomach.

I opened the book today.

The findings in here all deal with the God King and Ulcanthias. There are symbols and maps and codes and words in here that alone would shake the foundations of our world.

With everything in here, the line that struck me the most is found on the inside cover. It was written in the same way as the marks on my body:

If You’re Reading This It Means You Have Been Reborn. Please, No Matter What, Keep What’s In This A Secret. We Will Find Out The Truth.

i write this now at 4 in the morning because I cannot sleep. Tomorrow we arrive in Cen’Acnes, the city in which my dreams repeat its impending doom. Now, with this omen, I can’t help but dread what it all means.

Even worse, I can’t tell anyone about it. Not even Madisan.

Remembrance pt. 5

Athos is teaching me how to use these marks. He calls them Sephirots.

I don’t know why, but every day they multiply. Fortunately I can merge them all into one spot, but it is quite painful. Instead I’ll hold them to certain spots throughout my body. That’s less painful.

Reading the journals my old self left behind helps too. He has one he calls “Unity.”

I can’t wait to try that one out.

Remembrance pt. 4

I still find it difficult to process that I have jumped forward in time. Case in point, Sybelline is now older than I, and yet when I saw her last she was barely a scared girl who was carried off by Blights.

Now she has a pact with the fae, and is an accomplished person of her trade. She also does not take well to being called Bella anymore.

I have to keep these things in mind, for a lot can happen in twenty years.

When I last saw Cen’Acnes Lord Ulmana had passed her throne to her eldest, Lord Hectorius Golgatha. General Rusalen was supposed to be scouring the countryside with the Warden of the Heart and Yeshan Vindis, clearing out the Turdak Clan’s roaming pillagers from the Lordship.

Now Rusalen is the Lord, and his brother is nowhere to be found. Yeshan is the warden too. And the once promising area I, apparently, helped build, is now called the slums.

Worst of all, the Lords are meeting with the intent to unite the country. Or further divide it.

As Athos says, this city is ripe for a calamity. And if my dreams are to be believed, it’s only a matter of time.

Remembrance pt. 3

I see it every night now. The ground splitting. The figure in the shadows laughing. The city, with a great church on a hill, and a castle high atop a plateau, sinking into the ground as people scream in agony.

I told this dream to Athos. He tells me it is too manufactured, too overt, to be subconscious. He tells me there is a person who can cast Dream upon anyone they want, as if it were as easy as breathing.

It was then he told me the one behind such dreams: Maloraxis.

He told me I should be wary of these dreams. That I should pay them no heed. And yet, I can’t ignore the feelings of death and misery.

The following day we were summoned to do a job. Message came from Cen’acnes, and immediately my mind recalled the dream. The dream I had where Cen’Acnes was in shambles.

Had the message come from anyone else we’d have only sent Sybelline or Madisan to deal with it. But something of this magnitude needs as many Mendakin as we can muster.

As we headed to the city my thoughts turned to those five I saw in Riverdale. My feelings turned to dread, for I saw them also falling into the darkness as the city crumbled.

I send my prayers to them, in hopes that they are safe, wherever they are.

Remembrance pt. 2

I have these markings all over my body.

At first it was only one, and I only noticed because Madisan kept staring at my neckline. She says she has no idea what they are, and I’m supposed to believe her.

Over the next few days they appeared in droves, marking every inch of me. It wasn’t until I got the one over my chest that I started hearing the voice.

It told me I needed to speak with the ones who saved my life.

I knew which ones he was talking about. The dwarf spellcaster, the warforged, the sorcerer knight, the half elf bard, and the cleric of that obscure religion. According to Madisan I saved their lives once, and in return they saved mine.

While I’m grateful, I don’t really know how to go about it. Do I simply tell them thanks? That seems barely fitting. Like saying sorry for knocking down a castle wall.

I’ll figure something out I suppose. I’ll give them all the answers I can, but, truth be told, that’s not a lot.

But then again, what else is new?


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