Pelli-Kefaro: The Empty Throne

Elantian Odyssey

The tale of how I met the Kinda Queen and her cohorts

Normally, I wouldn’t think to leave a record of my travels. Too much distraction and actions speak louder than print. However given the circumstances, this may be one story that requires an exception.

My name is Amaranthae Kali’kur Azai, first of my House, hunter of vile beasts and commander of the Steel Veil.

All of this started when I was summoned by an agent of Lord Imoteru Kali’kur, the High Inquisitor, and Ser Eidmond Ola’Ru Millicenti. A task had been sent for me, supposedly simple request for assistance in dealing with an external threat that had descended upon Alcimoth and the escort of a group of people who had a knack for attracting the abnormal. I readily jumped at the chance to prove myself once more and further cement my position.

The Veil and I set out as soon as we could, arriving the next day. Though this should have been protocol in such situations, as it turned out we were arriving too late to a situation that was far from protocol. Ser Eidmond and his sister had fallen the previous day, the same one which we received his call. Though there was naught we could have done in short notice, the sting was still the same.

Still, we had a task at hand, and Ser Eidmonds death would not be in vain. I met with my charges. When I expected some haughty nobles, I instead got a ragtag group that rallied around a young girl. Lynette Ola’ru Rowe. Silly girl even went to far as to pull me aside, concerned for MY safety, to warn me how much danger I would be in. I would have been honored to be to considered, but danger was already a close friend to me.

The troubles with this group did not waste any time to appear. A court trial of all things, really? And to make matters worse the opponent was a wily old snake. That blasted old woman really knew how to make a jab while dodging them herself. One of Lynettes cohorts, a dragonborn named Khyati was the source of the trouble. He had done something to the girl that this woman claimed to be her daughter, a lie of course. He brought along this fellow of theirs to be his council. Of course the man tried his best, but it was pretty obvious that he was no lawyer, and his knowledge of high society law was no greater than my own. The old bitch managed to win out in the end and took one of his treasured possessions, as well as a hefty sum of money. All of that for nothing, just to find that she destroyed it out of spite.

We thought that to be one thing behind us, a case of closure for the victim and accused alike. Of course that was wrong as well. I accompanied the others, along with the Veil, to a celebration of the fallen at one of the local taverns. For the most part it was a joyous time, drinking and merry to be had one and all. I learned more about my new companions, including another newcomer besides myself. While our attention was diverted though, Khyati snuck off to meet with the girl, Enali, in secret and was ambushed. Talk about killing a good time, and right after a riveting drinking contest at that. With the prospect of a dangerous person around, the party was of course promptly called off and we were made to return to the Millicenti manor. There was concern over the girls safety, so I sent my Veil to find her, which they did mind you.

Apparently the girls real mother had been there the whole time, that was the reason behind the secret meeting. All kinds of wonderful things came to light, including a horrifying vision the likes of which I don’t ever want to relive. Long story short, the girl was made a fool of by her ‘mother’, all while the real one fought against everything just for a chance to find her again. To make matters worse, whoever the fake mother claimed to be didn’t seem to actually exist, and was likely using her surrogate siblings and friends to the same degree. I offered her a chance, help us and help herself. That seemed to get her attention, and I sent the Veil to watch over her safety when she went to speak to them on our behalf, hoping to reveal the truth.

Things are never as easy as we hope.

To be continued.



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