Pelli-Kefaro: The Empty Throne

Remembrance pt. 2

I have these markings all over my body.

At first it was only one, and I only noticed because Madisan kept staring at my neckline. She says she has no idea what they are, and I’m supposed to believe her.

Over the next few days they appeared in droves, marking every inch of me. It wasn’t until I got the one over my chest that I started hearing the voice.

It told me I needed to speak with the ones who saved my life.

I knew which ones he was talking about. The dwarf spellcaster, the warforged, the sorcerer knight, the half elf bard, and the cleric of that obscure religion. According to Madisan I saved their lives once, and in return they saved mine.

While I’m grateful, I don’t really know how to go about it. Do I simply tell them thanks? That seems barely fitting. Like saying sorry for knocking down a castle wall.

I’ll figure something out I suppose. I’ll give them all the answers I can, but, truth be told, that’s not a lot.

But then again, what else is new?



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