Pelli-Kefaro: The Empty Throne

Remembrance pt. 4

I still find it difficult to process that I have jumped forward in time. Case in point, Sybelline is now older than I, and yet when I saw her last she was barely a scared girl who was carried off by Blights.

Now she has a pact with the fae, and is an accomplished person of her trade. She also does not take well to being called Bella anymore.

I have to keep these things in mind, for a lot can happen in twenty years.

When I last saw Cen’Acnes Lord Ulmana had passed her throne to her eldest, Lord Hectorius Golgatha. General Rusalen was supposed to be scouring the countryside with the Warden of the Heart and Yeshan Vindis, clearing out the Turdak Clan’s roaming pillagers from the Lordship.

Now Rusalen is the Lord, and his brother is nowhere to be found. Yeshan is the warden too. And the once promising area I, apparently, helped build, is now called the slums.

Worst of all, the Lords are meeting with the intent to unite the country. Or further divide it.

As Athos says, this city is ripe for a calamity. And if my dreams are to be believed, it’s only a matter of time.



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