Pelli-Kefaro: The Empty Throne

Remembrance pt. 8

Cen’Acnes is still a grand city, I’ll give it that. Lily road cuts through the streets with impeccable precision and beauty, all the while accentuating the grand Acnecian architecture that even the most common of houses get to enjoy.

Even better they still serve fried prickles.

The lords have all arrived today, and the town is bustling with festivities. With everything going on today, there is nothing that could ruin my attitude.

I stand corrected.

Apparently a lot less people are happy to see me than I expected.

Though I never guessed it would have come from those five. Madisan says they have a lot on their minds, and for that I shouldn’t take it personal. She also said I could lighten up a bit too.

Yes dear. I’ll get right on that. Right after I prevent what feels like the world from breaking and regain my sanity.

It should be so easy.



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