Pelli-Kefaro: The Empty Throne

Remembrance pt.6 & 7

While looking through my journals today I noticed something unusual.

Some of the words are oddly shaped, but done so in a way that implies it was intentional. After studying each letter I realized it was a code. One that led to another. And another.

The code led me to a spot in my bag where I found a pocket dimension. Within it was a singular book. It looked old and worn. Hardly remarkable at all. I don’t know why though, but I feel a weight upon my stomach.

I opened the book today.

The findings in here all deal with the God King and Ulcanthias. There are symbols and maps and codes and words in here that alone would shake the foundations of our world.

With everything in here, the line that struck me the most is found on the inside cover. It was written in the same way as the marks on my body:

If You’re Reading This It Means You Have Been Reborn. Please, No Matter What, Keep What’s In This A Secret. We Will Find Out The Truth.

i write this now at 4 in the morning because I cannot sleep. Tomorrow we arrive in Cen’Acnes, the city in which my dreams repeat its impending doom. Now, with this omen, I can’t help but dread what it all means.

Even worse, I can’t tell anyone about it. Not even Madisan.



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