Pelli-Kefaro: The Empty Throne

The God King's Gifts I

The Promise of a Future

In the beginning when the world was in turmoil, we were all divided. Not just by race, but also by language, by location, far more so than we are today. In those days, when giants roamed freely across the world and dragon fire lit the skies like mayfly suns, we small people were tribalistic.

Back then we smaller races were forced to bend to the larger ones. Used as slaves, or as experiments, the greater races gave little regard for the significance of our lives. Those fortunate enough to escape formed their own societies. We fed off the scraps of resources the larger races devoured. We stayed in our conclaves, only thinking of the next hunt or the next birth. We spent every day like rabbits in holes, hoping one day the nightmares would end.

Then one day, it did. His coming trumpeted like a horn across the world, and his Radiance had outshone the sun. He declared himself Mandoregnas, the God King chosen by Pantheons, and that this world was his domain.

At first things only grew worse. Fearful their power would be contested, the five races gathered in a series of tenuous agreements. They banded together and created horrors and travesties of unimaginable might. Titanic beasts stalked the world and rifts in the fabric of existence were torn open. We suffered more, and in greater numbers. We felt the end of times had come.

Fortunately this was not to be, as Mandoregnas was as wise as he was powerful. Within his city of gold and galaxies, he chose twelve people to inherit his will, and through them they fought back the horrors wrought upon the world. They saved where they could, won where fighting was needed, and destroyed those that threatened the peace. And when the fighting had finished, even the five ancients had acknowledged Mandoregnas as the true master of this plane.

Many were skeptical at first. Would we be forced to slave away under a new, more terrifying master? Were we to continue this cycle of tribalistic fear and oppression? We had many questions, but the God King had but one answer.

“Though I take the mantle of king, I am not your dominator. I am no ruler unless it is the will of you all. From this day forward, your lives are your own. Your pasts have been fraught with pain and sorrow. However, your futures are now free. Free to live life according to your hopes and dreams. Anyone who chooses to lead life on their own terms will have me as an ally. And all who threaten that freedom will know my righteous fury.”

And so the promise of a future was the God King’s first gift to us all.



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