Pelli-Kefaro: The Empty Throne

The God King's Gifts II

The Light of Knowledge

The Magister, Malaketh, was walking down the road one day. During his travels he found a caravan made of patchwork cloth and pulled by a bull, a donkey, and a camel. Within the caravan were three merchants, who were bickering and making little sense to one another.

Malaketh spoke, “Pardon me Merchants, but can you explain what my eyes see before me? I have been many places, but you three are an unusual sight to say the least.”

The three merchants ceased their bickering, at once amazed this stranger could speak their languages.

“We are lost,” said the first merchant.

“We have are looking for Ulcanthias, but we can not agree on a direction,” said the second merchant.

“Our maps have led us astray many times and we cannot decide which map is most correct,” said the third merchant.

“Perhaps I could help?” Said the Magister. Malaketh asked for the maps, to which they obliged, still in awe of his power. Upon seeing them Malaketh began tearing the maps apart.

“Wanderer!” They cried out, “you claim to help and yet you have destroyed our only hope to navigate.”

Before they could retake their maps the Magister started putting the pieces back together. They watched in amazement as the once torn maps had suddenly reformed into a new map. Upon this new map they saw Malaketh had made some changes, for he not only repositioned their own maps but had added his own markings. They stared in awe and realized this new map could lead them anywhere within the realm.

It was then Malaketh spoke.

“Merchants be glad, for you now are no longer lost. Follow this to Ulcanthias and you may sell your wares. However, within the city of Ulcanthias lies a treasure beyond gold. The gift of magic and opportunity, which eclipses all, flows freely there. It is this I say, when you gaze upon the Golden Gates leading to that holy place, consider staying a while to cultivate what you can, and bring such gifts back to the world outside, just as I have done for you.”

The merchants did as they were told, and brought back gifts to the world outside. They in turn brought thrice more people, who also brought thrice more, until entire countries ventured to the God King’s city. Within decades a common dialect was spoken, stars were charted, and a calendar was crafted. What was once a people divided by superstition and misunderstanding soon became a world full of people united by a thirst for knowing.

Thus the light of knowledge was gifted to the people of Pelli-Kefaro.



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