Aelin Quinn Rowe

Lady of House Rowe


Age: 28
Race: Acnecian Human
Class: Paladin 4 (Vengeance)/Sorcerer 1 (Dragonic)
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 162
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde


The first child and heir apparent to the countship Rowe in the lordship of Corinth. Aelin is the only child of Count Cedric Rowe and his first wife, Ava Quinn Rowe.

When Aelin was a mere 4 years old, Lady Ava disappeared from her life with not a trace or reason. While at first she was told by her father and other court members loyal to him that she had merely left on a trip and would soon return, after several years this seemed to be false and no sign of her whereabouts could be found. Before long the entire countship declared that she had passed away. Growing up without the mother she had loved was not easy on the child, and it only made it harder when her father had decided to remarry the Lady Nymeria. Aelin rejected the woman as her mother and stayed distant.

As she grew older, she was blessed with two half-siblings. First, her brother, Percival, and then her sister Lynette. Despite her wariness of Lady Nymeria, Aelin took to her siblings with joy and pride as an elder sister.

When she reached the age of ten, her father began her education, teaching her the ways of court and the meaning of being a leader. Being the eldest, it was her birthright to someday to take up the countship in her fathers stead and protect the people under her, a duty that she took to heart. Eventually she began desiring to learn the martial arts, and at any chance she would pester passing knights and even the Warden of the North on his visits to train her in the sword.

At the age of thirteen, after taking any training she would get and a great deal of pestering, Warden Lionsoul gave in for whatever reason and finally began teaching the girl during his visits. She seemed to have an affinity for weapons and quickly gained proficiency in them, even managing to show up several of her fathers soldiers during sparring matches overseen by the Warden.

A few years later when she was 18, both her and her sister had found themselves in a lucid, impossible dream with hundreds of other people that had been rounded up in the long lost city of the God-King, an event that she would not understand the implications of until a decade later. There she met the boy known as Magus, and it was there that everything changed as she witnessed the fall of the God-King first hand.

This harrowing event, coupled with the helpless feeling that she felt for herself and Lynette drove her further into her studies and training, foregoing the path of a noble lady and officially taking up the blade as a Paladin of Alandria under the watchful eye of Warden Lionsoul. Months into her paladin training, she was forced into action as Lynette was kidnapped by bandits while returning from a trip. However when she arrived to the location that they had been seen absconding with her sister for ransom, she was met by a man who claimed to be Magus who had already dispatched the bandits and rescued Lynette in her stead.

A full decade passed before she heard any more of Magus, not until he sent a letter calling upon the two sisters to repay the favor as he was in need of assistance. Aelin was set to go to repay the debt alone, but Lynette forced herself into the trip as well.


After the battle for Cen’Acnes, Aelin returned home with her sister and fellow travelling companions on their way to Elanto. As promised to her father, upon her return she began process to inherit the title of the head of the house and the Countship. Upon doing so, she was informed that the countship may be elevated to the status of a Lordship, and realizing the sheer amount of responsibility that would fall upon her family, as well as the rumors of her incompetence due to travelling, she made the final decision to put an end to her adventuring days. The day after her coronation, she saw her friends and sister off safely and began life as the future Lady of Freygarde.

Aelin Quinn Rowe

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