Amaranthae "Ran" Kali'kur Azai

Ranger of the Wilds


Age: 27
Race: Human
Class: Ranger
Background: Outlander
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 160
Build: Fit
Skin Tone: Tanned
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black


Born into a family of common stock, the child of farmers and hunters in the Elantian province of Byakko-Khan along the outskirts of the Baumwoods. As a child, she lived a simple life of a 1st Caste family, learning how to tend fields and care for livestock. Growing older, she was allowed to accompany the village hunters into the woods to hunt for deer and other game, an act that would shape her future as she discovered she had a knack for tracking game. Her skills continued to improve with each hunt, and with it her boldness in the game she hunted.

Before long she was taking requests from the other villagers to drive away outside threats, monsters and other violent creatures that threatened everyday life or attacked the villagers during their daily chores. Much of her young adult life became dedicated to hunting down and removing the threats of that which threatened her home, as well as the surrounding villages that called for aid in the absence of soldiers tied up with the cold war with Galandria.

Over the years, she gathered others to assist her, other hunters, woodsmen and even a few poachers after reform. This group eventually grew to be thirteen strong, including her, and would undertake dangerous hunts, either at the request of a village, or occasionally at the behest of one of the neighboring nobles who were worried about their lands safety.

With their ever growing targets, and the subtle popularity that came along with it, Ran took to adapting her skills with the arts of her homeland, learning the powers of nature, and a quick jaunt in the study of arcane rituals.

During one of her missions, a dusk struck by a thunderstorm, she met her partner in crime. As she tracked a particularly wicked beast through the deep woods amidst the harsh weather, she became separated from the rest of her band. Inadvertently, she found herself tracking the creature into its nest, and drew the ire of it and the others in its pack. Outnumbered, she stood her ground, refusing to back down in the face of adversity. Before the beasts could pounce, thunder struck, and along with it came the piercing howl of a wolf that distracted the beasts and allowed her the opening to strike first, driving the beasts back. She found the wolf watching from nearby, and bonded with him, gaining the companionship of a friend she named Raiun, named so for his voice that overtook even thunder.

Amaranthae "Ran" Kali'kur Azai

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