Ex-Party Member


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An ex member of the party. Went missing when the party was separated in the Sylari Forest. Khyati encountered her and a half elf in a village a few hours south of town. She made waves with both the party and the Acnecian nobility introducing herself at the Acnecian Lord's ball. According to Rikard Lionsoul, she is genuinely Lord Bolgar's daughter. She shared a dance with Zodan at the ball.

She later came to be aligned with the Unweavers but was defeated in battle with the party and she was secured with the Church of Manas as a prisoner .

At the Church of Manas Magus approached her and revealed truths behind her past that had been hidden from her. Breaking down in rage and depression she finally managed to open up with the kind encouragement from the party and let go of the rage consuming her from within. She still has much healing to do but now she can start.

After the events in Cen’Acnes she opted to travel with Zodan. Though she has her own reasons, it’s apparent to everyone around that she holds the man with a high level of respect.


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