Blagst Olmec

Marendi Advisor



One of the five Wardens of Acnecia, Blagst is a man shrouded in mystery. In public he often keeps his face hidden, save for the occasional appearance at a nobleman’s house. He doesn’t usually stay long in any one area either.


Not much is known about the man’s past, but that doesn’t stop people from trying to understand. Some believe him to be the long lost son of a nobleman’s family. Others believe him to be a foreigner from Secura-Tur. Whatever the case, even his commanding officers claim the man to have been an enigma even when serving as a soldier.

Despite this his actions have proven him to be a champion of the people. He is also known as one of the few individuals who ever set foot in Lord Marend’s castle.


He was under Rikard Lionsoul’s suspicion of having some underlying plot. Blagst was first heard making regular trips to the Cross in the far side of town. He and the Heirarch had some sort of arrangement.

On day 3, the party learned that he had some connection to the underground black market, and the group Caspen Hush.

On day 5, the party discovered he was actually a double agent, and was planning to catch the elusive figure Wine during their meeting. Unfortunately he was found out and nearly killed. Had it not been for the party meeting with Rikard Lionsoul, then his life never would have been saved.

He is currently hiding out at the Mendakin’s hovel, planning an assault on the now blockaded Holy Mass Church in the Cross.

After the battle for Cen’Acnes Blagst decided to step down as Warden of the West. Despite this he was honored as a hero of Acnecia. His retirement lasted but a month before the Marendi Uprising brought him back as an advisor to the forces seeking to quell the rebellion.

Currently resides in Freygarde as an advisor to Aelin Rowe. His input on Merendi culture and resources has proved invaluable.

Blagst Olmec

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