Daerora Ola'Ru Millicenti

Eldest Daughter of the Millicenti


Age: 124

Background: Noble

Race: High Elf

Occupation: Royal Choir


Daerora Ola’Ru Millicenti is the eldest daughter of the Millicenti children. A graceful dancer with an easy laugh and high spirits she is always humming a tune or playing music on her many instruments. She has become a member of the highly exclusive Royal Choir and is often seeing traveling amongst the cities and courts across Elanto performing.

Although seeming to be very easy going she is like others in her family very dedicated to her family and to Elanto. She is particularly fond of her younger sister Xanaphus who in turn looks up to her and they both tease each other regularly and easily. Her sisters chaotic nature proving an endless source of amusement with only occasional concern.

Daerora is often at the major festivals in her role in the Royal Choir to perform legendary historical pieces recording the history and legends of Elanto and the tales of the Mage King. As a result she is treated with a great deal of respect and no door is ever barred to her. Despite this she is friendly and respectful to everybody regardless of station and has many fans even without trying.

More than a few have also attempted unsuccessfully to become suitors but they tend to underestimate the strength of personality that she has and end up making fools of themselves. She accepts that one day she will likely be married in an arrangement for the family and hopes it will be one that she is comfortable with.

Xanaphus is a sort of confidant for Daerora when she needs somebody to listen who she can trust. The two sisters respect each other and both share very similar views on their roles and responsibilities to their homeland.

Daerora Ola'Ru Millicenti

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