The Pain (Former)


“Where do you think suffering comes from? I believe it comes from a lack of knowledge.”


Elowen was born in the Elanto Realm. He first makes an appearance as an Ambassador to the Draconic Archipelago. Accompanying him are two of his colleagues: A Wood Elf named Darunia, and a Drow named Magvich.

They sat in on the Trust Show of Strength between the Sardonia and Peridoma’s greatest warriors. It was here they were impressed with Khyati’s performance. After the match they stayed upon the island to aid Masters Balthazar and Grabrezu.

When the Outsiders attacked the Sardonia Monastary Elowen aided the townspeople and drove them back. He fought along side Kreskwen and put a stop to the ones attacking the homesteads.

He and Khyati hit it off over their mutual love for knowledge. It was here Khyati gave him the Golden Map and asked him to keep Kreskwen safe.

Unbeknownst to Khyati, Elowen and his men placed Balthazar under their control and made him seek out the Artifacts from around the island. He probed the master for questions until he finally convinced him to out Kreskwen as an inheritor of the Stormsoul. He then acted to entrap the minds of the Sardonian dragonborn while unlocking Kreskwen’s power as a Stormsoul.

After fighting through Darunia and Magvich, he challenged Khyati to a duel. During the duel he admitted that he was a member of a secret order called The Unweavers, and revealed the aberrations living within him as part of his power. Even with the odds stacked against him Kyhati freed his allies emerged victorious. Before delivering the final blow he stuck a ring of Mind Reading onto Elowen’s finger, sealing his soul into the artifact.

Two days after the battle Grabrezu stole the ring that housed Elowen’s soul and shattered it with his Tooth of Tiamat. The negative energy fused with Grabrezu, warping him into a terrible and twisted form. Now co-habitating Grabrezu’s body, the two set off for Lemura-Tur to do more work for The Unweavers.


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