Gallile Jussblod

The Heartland Knight


“What we choose to be is far more important than what we are, or what others say we are.”


Gallile Jussblod, also known as the Warden of the South, is one of five Wardens in the Acnecian Lordship.

Throughout the country Gallile has a fearsome reputation for being relentless in the pursuit of evil doers. Upon hearing of any perceived threat to the peace Gallile often seeks to resolve matters personally, unless something more important occupies the situation.

Despite having the full knighthood to command Gallile prefers to travel with an elite group: a high elf cleric, a human ranger, and a halfling bard who records everything.

Currently courting Lady Aelin Rowe.


After receiving a summons from the mayor of Riverdale the Warden took her contingent to meet them. It was here that she found the group and was shown that the mayor had been under the spell of Jannes and Jambra

Shortly after she aided the townspeople when it was attacked by the Unweavers. She then helped the group and Older Magus to save Younger Magus in the ruins beneath Riverdale.


After the events of Riverdale, the Warden made her way to Cen’Acnes to be present for the meeting of the lordships to discuss the potential unification of Acnecia. At some point between her arrival and the first discussions, she was abducted and subjected to the Soulwound by Yashan Vindus and the Unweavers in order to be controlled for his coup. This was later thwarted by the party who managed to subdue her in the castle of Lord Golgatha and she was cured of the Soulwound by Khyati. She is currently staying at the Mendikans hideout while she recuperates.

After the Battle of Cen’Acnes she was granted the illustrious rank of Heartland Knight, giving her more authority to act on behalf of the King in any jurisdiction.

She is currently in the Bolgar Province with Magus, hoping to establish a new seat upon the Bolgar family house while trying to root out the corruption spread by the Unweavers.

Gallile Jussblod

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