Steam Knight, Relic of War


Age: ???
Race: Warforged (Juggernaut)
Class: Fighter
Background: Soldier / Infantry Class # 00
Height: 7’
Weight: 365


Built for a war that has ended, searching for purpose

Standing at seven feet tall, Gau looks like an archaic unfinished looking Warforged. While large armor plating encase his shoulders, limbs and extremities, his joints, neck, torso chassis reveal exposed moving gears and tubes over layered panels of wood and stone. Small nozzles protrude out his body plating made to release steam as they become overloaded, earning him the nickname ‘Steam Knight’. Outside of his large stature and unusual body composition, he has a golden sigil or “Ghulra” attached to his forehead with a rune mark etched into it. He wears nothing save a long grimed red cloak with a faded pattern that rest over his shoulders, covering most of his frame.

As a warforged his personality is a bit of a conundrum. Unlike his more stoic brethren, Gau is currently loud, unreserved, and often negligent. Although his face not fitted with moving parts to properly display emotion, he is capable of showing a large range through the use of his eyes. Despite his abrasive personality and lacking a deep understanding of introspection, he often wonders if he even has a soul, or if he even is truly alive. A question that haunts him more often than he’d ever admit. Gau has not been able to retrieve his memories save for his name. All of this impacted his personality, reverting it into a child like mind, constantly processing new information that would be intuitive for most humanoids, like understanding social cues and often taking everything literally from those he trust implicitly.


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