Herenna Sariah Derossier

Heirarch of Manas, The Scarlet Priestess


Just because I deal in secrets doesn’t mean I won’t share. -Sariah to Gau.

Cleric of Manas, Paragon of Change and Growth.


Sariah Derossier was born in the mercantile country of Tinuar. She met Madisan and her friend and the two travelled the continent searching for adventure.

Eventually the three split ways, but Sariah never forgot her devotion to Manas’ cause. As such she leads new groups of followers into new territory, namely towns and cities that have stagnated, and works to promote growth and change in those regions.

She was found in Riverdale when she met the group. She took a liking to Zodan.

She was once again met up with in Cen’Acnes where she attended the Godsmoot and helped Zodan, Khyati, and Tordex take down the instigators of the attempted massacre.

After day 4 she was charged with Beelzabeth and Melitta’s care. She housed them in her church’s haven until the party was able to cure the two’s afflictions and provide some level of comfort.

On the fifth day she and Brook led the remaining clerics from the Godsmoot into removing people from the city.

On day six she returned to the city with Ava’s help.

Herenna Sariah Derossier

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