Guardian Naga


Age: ???

Race: Guardian Naga

Alignment: Lawful Good

Background: Guardian Naga of the Rantharr Shrine


A Guardian Naga of great age. He has spent the last 50 or so years as a bone naga, trapped under the curse of a Medusa and Yuan-Ti magic. His personality is that of a jovial elder gentleman, though he Tends to ramble and run off topic.

Kaldrak and his brother preside over a desolated shrine once buried beneath the sand near Engeve. He says the shrine is a holy place that was once a testament to the Seelie god Niall (Goddess of Smiles) and Nittri-attri (God of Tears). He says the ruins held a seal upon the great Formortins. He also explained the purpose behind the seals.

He has lived a long life and met the party due to the fact that Gau kept his skull as a trophy. He thanks the party for saving him and feels he is indebted to them for the time he can manage.


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