Khyati Vajrapata

Bahamut's Introspection


Age: 26
Height: 6’4"
Race: Dragonborn
Ancestry: Bronze
Class: Monk
Alignment: LG
Background: Hermit


A resident of the Ryūtenjū all his life, Khyati was a member of the Sardinian order of monks until leaving to become a hermit at age 18. While a student/resident of the monastery, Khyati excelled in the study of martial arts, as well as studies of the transcendent. If not for his decision to become a hermit, he probably would have been selected to take Balthazar’s place as Grand Master. The declaration of his departure was a shock to everyone he was close with in the monastery, including Sifu Balthazar. However, when he was young he had a strange vision where he witnessed the demise of a strange and powerful being, and was struck by a strange light that invigorated him. The vision troubled him ever since, and finally at age 18 he decided that the answers he sought could not be found in the walls of the monastery where he grew up. WIth only a small memento from his now former master, he retreated to one of the many small islands not far off shore from the main string of islands that make up the archipelago.
Khyati is well known for his wisdom, and overwhelming feeling of serenity and calm. However, after spending so much time away from society and brethren, he has a tendency to speak in koans and statements that seem circular in logic, instead of giving a straight answer. It’s also not uncommon for him to drift off in meditation, rumor stating that he experiences more of those strange visions like the one he had many years ago. But beneath the calm, and stoic exterior, Khyati is driven by his need to solve the mystery of the dream and may suddenly act in a very focused manner in the presence of possible leads and clues.

Khyati Vajrapata

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