The Great Soul of Storms


Age: 24

Height: 6’1’’

Weight: 167 lbs

Race: Dragonborn (Blue)

Class: Storm Sorcerer

Background: Sage



Kreskwen was born the illegitimate child of Master Balthazar. Her mother passed away in child birth but her father was willing to raise her in the Sardonian Monastery. During her childhood she was friends with Khyati and Toseth, who always clashed with each other personality wise. When Khyati left for his hermitage she took it particularly hard and devoted herself to her studies.

When Khyati returned she was more than ecstatic to be reunited with him. After greeting the Peridoma monks, and Glabrezu, she propositioned Khyati for a date. During which she promised to show him a book she came upon: A Diary of a Magister.

During the attack on Sadonia Kreskwen stuck around with Elowen, Darunia, and Magvich to save the townspeople.

When Glabrezu and his monks fled from the monastery she joined Khyati, Toseth, and Cridekus to stop them. Afterward she wished to join Khyati in pursuit of Glabrezu and his students, but was aptly told to stay behind.

Upon returning to Sardonia, she revealed to Khyati that Elowen had put the city under his law and had some kind of hold on Balthazar.


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