Ava Quinn Rowe

First Lady of House Rowe


During her youth, Ava was an avid adventurer and powerful sorceress. When she was a young child, she lost her mother while the two were being hunted down and was only saved through her mothers sacrifice and the intervention of a dragon who subsequently left her to fend for herself, it’s obligations repaid. During her adventuring days, she made powerful enemies in the form of the Penumbra Collective, with whom she clashed several times and who would prove to be a threat once more in her later years.

Despite not being of noble birth, Viscount Cedric Rowe was granted permission to marry her by Lady Rosalia Corinth.

During court meetings she was known for speaking her mind and making a mockery of legal proceedings. Her fiery tongue and outspoken attitude earned her the nickname “The Dragon Woman.”

She and Cedric Rowe were very much in love and they had a daughter she named Aelin. When her daughter was 3 years old, however, Ava left the court and her family’s life.

Not a day after Aelin left for Riverdale did a box appear on the Rowe Family doorstep. Within the box was her wedding ring, cursed with some arcane magic.


During the events in Riverdale Aelin has a dream about her mother’s mother. This was the start to Aelin’s discovery of Sorceress Origin.


Ava made herself known to her daughter after the latter spent a few hours in the drunk pen. She revealed that her purpose for arriving in Cen’Acnes was to trade information to the Mendikan about the dealings of the Penumbra Collective in exchange for asylum. She worked with the party, including her daughter, to reveal the hidden slave trade and smuggling operation that resided under the streets of the northern slums. She has since been with the Mendikan.

Ava Quinn Rowe

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