Rosalia Corinth

The Righteous Lord - Lady of House Corinth


Rosalia was born the youngest child of House Corinth. At a young age she attended a Mages College close to the Elanto border where she honed her own skill for magic and study. Disaster struck her family house when her brother and sister fell deathly ill after their father’s passing. Ever the dutiful child, Rosalia rose up and took the throne.

Though the illness was never explained, many people blamed the Elanto refugees for bringing their “foreign illnesses” into Acnecia. Despite a fervent opposition to have them sent back, Lady Corinth did not budge and instead instilled many communes and settlements for Elanto and Gallandrian refugees fleeing the war. It was a tumultuous time for her, but she pulled through with the help of some people who called themselves The Mendakin.

Eventually the riots quelled and Corinth became a bastion of diversity and growth. When asked what kept her going through the tumult she merely said “I only did what was right.”

This has earned her the nickname: The Righteous Lord.

Rosalia Corinth

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