Lak'Shima Ola'Ru Prindali



An emissary sent by Elanto to speak on behalf of her country at the Lord’s Summit. A 5 Dan Servant

She travels with a Drow servant named Anush.

Upon escorting Lynette and the group to Elanto, they learned this was to be the last trip she would take back home, as she was to stay in Cen’Acnes as an ambassador.

She and Lynette bonded over the reticence of likely never seeing their home again. Eventually she bequeathed to her a precious ring of power.

Her body was found torn to shreds in Jo’Murel. The investigators found little to no evidence as to the person responsible and believe magic was involved. That same night her retainer Anush was cursed and died due to the curse’s effects.

Her last message to Lynette was that of great concern but also of hope. She told Lynette that, for the sake of both her country and Acnecia she must partake in the Cintamari. She also bade her to keep the Mirage Tree seed safe until they return to Mil’Cendecun.

Currently a 5th Caste, the highest one can go without royal blood.

Lak'Shima Ola'Ru Prindali

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