Rusalen Golgatha

King of Acnecia


Though a kingdom is ruled by a king, it is held together by its people. A king without the support of his people is no king at all.


Rusalen Golgatha was the second child of Lord Ulmana and Lady Rendari Golgatha. Following in his brother’s footsteps, he trained in the art of politics and sword fighting. With Yeshan as his companion, the three were inseperable, and together they believed they could handle any situation.

When his brother took the throne Rusalen was still too young to have chosen a field of mastery. For a while it appeared he was to be a commander of Golgatha’s standing military, for he excelled in his studies for strategy on and off the field. Then, on the day before declaring his field of mastery, his brother abdicated the throne and set off for parts unknown.

Since then the burden of the kingdom fell on him. Though it is not the life he chose, it is the role he accepted. Since then he’s sent his armies to all corners of Golgatha to ensure the peace and safety of his kingdom. With Yeshan Vindis at his side as the Warden of the Heart, he stands as the paragon upon which all the lords are compared.

At the Lordship’s Summit he was voted by consensus of a majority vote by the Lords and voting counts to be the King of Acnecia.

His current orders of business are rebuilding the Capitol city and rewriting the country’s shared constitution with the other Lords and Ladies.

He recently instated the Rowe family as one of the three new Lords of Acnecia.

Rusalen Golgatha

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