Lynette Rowe

Chosen of the Ola'Ru


Age: 18
Race: Half-elf
Class: Bard
Background: Noble
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 115
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde


As the youngest child of the Rowe clan, Lynette grew up spoiled and loved. Like most last-born siblings, the family’s rules didn’t have as much of a hold on her because her older siblings had most of the responsibilities. She never really knew her privilege until late childhood, when she realized that not all of the kids she would play with had nice things like she did. Until she left to meet Magus with Aelin, she never really used money to buy things for herself. Everything was just provided for her.

Lynette was just a child when she and Aelin had the strange dream with the younger Magus. A while after that, Lynette was kidnapped by some thugs on her way home from visiting a relative. Magus was the one to save her, and he brought her back safe but a bit shaken. When Magus called them for the favor, she thought it might be a fun and interesting time, and a break away from her everyday life. She felt decently prepared, armed with some combat knowledge and magic.

Despite an age difference of ten years, Lynette is very close to her sister. She respects Aelin just as much as she does her parents, but she also sees her as a friend.

Lynette doesn’t take orders from anyone other than her family, those of higher rank than her, and those that she sees as an actual threat to her well-being. There are a lot of things that she can get away with that she takes for granted. Deep down she is a good person though, and would never intentionally hurt someone unless they where a threat to herself or others.

She is used to being liked and can get deeply upset if she finds that someone doesn’t like her.

Lynette sees her existence as a gift to the world, and most people who meet her would agree. Despite her faults, once you get to know her, she’s delightful to be around.

Lynette Rowe

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