Madisan Guniery Ektor

The Yellow Flame Sorceress


Age: 148 years

Race: High Elf, Illumari

Class: Sorceror

Background: Folk Hero

Affiliations: Mendiken, The Tri-Lights (Former)



Madisan was a child prodigy even among Sorcerers. In her infancy she mastered Prestidigitation before she learned to walk. As a child she had more raw potential than some of her mentors. We’re she not so studious she’d have brought the ire of her teachers as well as her class mates.

Eventually she left school and her guild, setting out with two of her friends to test their magic against other guilds.

The Tri-Lights

Madisan and her friends often clashed against monstrosities and the bandits, earning them a reputation as heroes. Heroics, however, was always second in the pursuit of knowledge and, eventually, riches.

One day the pursuit of riches was too great, and the three brought on the attention of a dragon. In the attack Madisan was left to fend for herself while her friends fled with the loot. Thanks to the help of a local cleric, warlock, and fellow Sorceror named Magus, she escaped with her life.

Founder of the Mendiken

Through her rivalry with Magus, she regained her love of magic and knowledge seeking.

After adventuring for some time she and the others founded a Scholar’s Guild: the Mendiken.

Madisan Guniery Ektor

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