Magus Ektor Mandoregnas

The Godking Reborn


Age: 45, 20 (physical), 498 mental.

Race: Human (Batarian)

Class: Sorcerer

Background: Folk Hero

Affiliations: The Mendakin, Acnecian Mage’s Guild.


If he seems standoffish don’t take it personal. He keeps a lot of secrets. Even from me. And i’m his wife. -Madisan about Magus..


The Dream

One night he had a dream where he saw the God King’s final act. In the days following that he felt his own magic grow stronger than ever. As such he took to adventuring.


Magus traveled throughout Lemura-Tur at an astonishingly young age. He spent his time peering through libraries and searching for clues to make sense of his numerous dreams.

During his journeys he met with a man named Athos, who took him on as an apprentice. Eventually he met Durandel, a fellow Batarian, who gave him spiritual council. He then rescued a Warlock named Sybelline, who challenged him mentally.

He eventually attended a prestigious college but was expelled due to personal hangups. It was there he met his future wife, though he wouldn’t gain her attention until many years later.

The Mendakin

Throughout his travels Magus fell more and more in love with the world’s mysteries. From the most remote cavern, to the simple quarrels of farmers, Magus threw himself into it all so as to sate his thirst for knowldege. The others went along, for they too enjoyed the answers Magus seemed to unearth naturally.

It was not until Magus saved his future wife Madisan that he started having more frequent dreams. From there on his dreams of people succumbing to terrible fates fueled a desire to save them all.

Eventually his deeds and allies grew to the point that he felt he needed a banner to rally along. Choosing a name he read in a book, he called his group Mendakin, and described their task as threefold

1) To unearth the mysteries of this world.

2) To share this knowledge for the betterment of people.

3) To prevent anyone from using the past to harm those who live in the present.

He eventually went on to marry Madisan. Their marriage was a small ceremony, blessed by a personal friend.

The Campaign


Magus and Madisan came upon two “Keys” during their separate travels. They were said to unlock something ancient within the ruins found within the Dragon’s Maw region of Acnecia.

On the way the two took separate routes. Despite her protestations Magus insisted they call for help.

After the date was set the two ventured to Riverdale. Magus did not arrive the day of, leaving the party and his wife confused.

Sylari Forest Arc

The group went into the forest to search for Magus. They first encountered Magus as they know him, but when they spoke to him he had no clue who they were. Eventually he found them as two seperate people: one with all memories and no powers, and another with all his powers and no memories.

Riverdale pt. 2

Young Magus stuck with the group. After an incident with the Solarian Eye he passed out. During the Riverdale Conflict he was kidnapped by Asyl Vane. Older Magus saved the group from the dragon after their first fight with Jannes and Jambra went south.

Beneath Riverdale

Beneath the city he was used to activate the silver pillar within the arcane cathedral. After the portal opened, Young Magus gave his life to wish the portal closed. When a creature broke through anyway, Older Magus gave his life imbuing the protagonists with the power to kill the Urnovi.

After the battle the party wished the Being Within The White Realm to bring Magus back to life. When they did, Magus came back to what he was around 20 years old.

For the next month he avoided the party under the pretense that he remembered none of them. He answered their questions as best he could. He bid them well wishes and thanked them for saving his life. With that he bid the party farewell, hoping they’ll meet again under less stressful terms.


The party encountered Magus once again on the second day of their stay in Cen’Acnes. Due to their help in Riverdale he and the Mendakin enlisted their aid in their mission.

During the attempted coup, Magus and Athos fought off the Heartland knights long enough to save the nobility. Afterward he realized his own selfishness had caused his friends and family undue stress and swore to change his ways.

He and the Mendakin fought the Unweaver onslaught

Magus Ektor Mandoregnas

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