Melitta Cullen

Ex Party Member


I’m going to the forest where things make sense.

Race: Wood Elf

Class: Ranger

Background: Hermit

Appearance: a pale skinned Elf from the forests of Northern Elanto. She has brown eyes and a tattoo on her neck that goes down her back.


She was once saved by Magus after a hunting accident left her too injured to move. He nursed her back to health, then taught her how to use herbs and potions to supplement her survival tactics.

She disappeared during the events of the Sylari Forest, and would later encounter Osal Vain. Osal Vain was after Beelizabeth and Melitia’s insistence in protecting her friend would lead to her being placed under a mind controlling corruption.


She and Beelzabeth were mentioned by Count Maraan, who claimed it was they who were acting on behalf of his “conspirators.”


Before entering the Capitol city, Khyati witnessed these her and Beelzebeth get in a scuffle with four adventurers. These two emerged victorious and fled the scene.

She and Beelzabeth orchestrated an ambush on Zodan and Khyati. When the two proved too rough to capture they all fled.

It has since been revealed that the mind controlling corruption practiced by the Unweavers has been used on her turning her into a puppet against the party. Defeated in the castle she and Beelizabeth were both taken by Zodan and secured as prisoners with the Church of Manas.

The party would return with Magus and Khyati’s speical artifact aided him in tearing the corruption loose from her soul. Freed now she remains with her friend Beelizabeth while Beelizabeth mends.

Melitta Cullen

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