Na'Eco Movel

Genasi Cleric


Na’Eco strongly shows her planetouched nature. Light blue skin with large very dark blue eyes give her an exotic appearance. Her hair is also blue but a dark Indigo and it does not lay flat, it instead floats a few inches from her body and seems to be constantly moving in an unseen current.

She is short and of a light build but surprisingly strong and resilient despite her appearance. She is not a vain person, she does take care of herself but she does not go out of her way to show off or be ostentatious. This however is complicated a bit by her personal style which although simple is very strange to people.

Her dense and strange accent makes her standsout as a foreigner and an almost singing echo to her voice that people find very odd to hear. Because of a lack of understanding of local customs she will often say or point out things that people avoid or have difficulty speaking out load. The same reason she does not say much about herself because she does not want to appear to be bragging though she will answer any questions posed to her simply and without deception.

Na’Eco wears well-crafted mithril splint armor tinted a metallic blue that has been adjusted to fit her perfectly. This armor does not look like heavy armor at all and instead appears more like a well made metallic colored robe that barely makes a sound and flexes with her movements. Bumping into her or touching the robes though quickly reveals they are solid and that they protect her from harm. A gift from the Medicans after her prior armor was destroyed while aiding them on an expedition. Durandal and the gnomes made and presented it to her as a thank you for her having saved several of them in the aftermath which she gratefully accepted and has been wearing ever since.

In her hand she carries a khakkhara staff with 6 rings of different metals that make a jingling sound as she walks and the curved dragon heads that wrap around the head of the staffto meet up in the center, a solid spike is on the end of her staff for driving it into soft ground to hold it upright while she performs meditations or prayers. A simple shield rounds out her armaments with a design of a simple multi colored ring that gradually shifts through all of the colors with a metalic hue.

When she uses her divine power to heal all of the rings on her staff glow with the energy and multicolored beams break out and split apart as they hurl towards the people she is using her power on. The faint afterimages of what appears to be Chinese dragons can be briefly seen in the flow of energy.



Na’Eco is a young Water Genasi Cleric and occasional ally of Magus and the Mendakin.

A Cleric of the Cult of Bahumut she joined at the young age of 9 and has been in training as a healer ever since until reaching young adulthood when she took to traveling seeking further enlightenment and to understand the people of the world.

She has been traveling the land for some time now visiting shrines and healing the sick and recently made her way into Elanto several months prior. Magus spotted her in the crowd and introduced her to the party.

When asked about where she hails from Na’Eco told them that she grew up in Galandria but has been traveling throughout much of the continent including Tinuar, Acnecia, and Elanto.
Not fully understanding the caste system of Elanto she is ignorant of the roles of Lynette and Ren though she understands them to be of the Noble class

Recent Events

Magus recently filled her in on the purpose and role of the Mendakins. Although surprised she understood their need for secrecy and was reassured that this omission had not placed her in any more harm than she would have been otherwise in her past dealing with their organization. The gift of the sephirot of remembrance is something she is curious to explore further having seen its abilities earlier and seeing Gau use it to break the enchantment on the mind controlled berserker.

During the battle for the Ebony Academy she revealed her power as a cleric in rather spectacular fashion by bringing the fallen Ran back from the clutches of death itself. Her constant aid to bring the wounded and fallen back into the fray was of great benefit as the party fought their way to the top of the tower and faced off against Amila. Calm and collected under dire circumstance very few in the party did not receive her blessings and she proved Magus’ and the parties trust in her abilities was well founded.

Divine Blessing

Na’Eco’s gift was revealed when she was 14. While training in medical arts under a priestess of Devos an accident occurred and a man was brought in who had been mauled by a wild boar. She was cautioned by the priestess while they were preparing for his arrival that these injuries were very severe and it was unlikely he would survive. Na’Eco was afraid then but steeled herself and nodded, knowing this was a risk and that they couldn’t save everybody.

Na’Eco was set to trying to hold the torn leg together and keep pressure on it while the priestess prepared her salves to do what little they could to relieve his agony. Na’Eco closed her eyes and began reciting her mantras to steady her soul and show what strength she could. A warmth spread through her hands that she thought was blood at first until she heard the priestess gasp in shock. Opening her eyes she saw a fading, multi colored glow around her hands and around where the injury had been. Not quite comprehending what had happened she opened her mouth to speak before her head became light and she collapsed.

She revived a few minutes later and was confused about what she had seen until the priestess told her she had channeled the blessings of the divines and healed the injury that was beyond a simple healers skill. Uncontrolled and pushed forward by her will alone she had drained her own energy causing her to collapse. This was all worthwhile though because as she was told the man would live. Soon thereafter she left the town she had been training in as a hero to the people to begin training in clerical magic.

Cult of Bahamut

The Cult of Bahamut is not a traditional religion. It is more akin to a philosophy of life although it does bear some similarities to a religion it does not worship any singular great power as a diety. Instead the Cult tries to live according to the tenants of Bahamut that the spirit should adjust and accommodate. Many times they are mistaken as members of another church, often the church of Devos due to similarities, because of an open willingness to work with people of almost any faith with no reservations.

The Cult keeps a low profile, not evangelizing or advertising their presence. With few physical locations and those they do have in odd locations it is not something normal people would ever encounter. They are not deceptive about who they are but do not feel any need to loudly proclaim it from a pulpit. When asked they will answer truthfully.

Na'Eco Movel

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