The White Wolf - Ex Party Member

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“The Wolf will hunt the Shepards and see the Lambs to salvation.”

- Unknown

Trait Description
Age Seventeen
Class Rogue 2 / Warlock 5
Height 5’ 9"
Weight 144 lb.
Eyes Blue and purple endlessly cycling in a fluid motion
Hair Stark white mane

Ori tends to see the world in shades of grey, always looking over her shoulder and being incredibly careful. This tends to come off to others as being distant or pessimistic due to her tendency to see the worst in a situation before the best. She tends to keep others at an arms length to avoid being betrayed or tricked and will only show her true self to those she finds she can confide in completely, which tends to be an incredibly small number.

Magus The Mendikan member that saved her from her self destructive path and awoke her to the voice of her fey patron. Holds him in a position of respect.
Lynette The foreign noble that she was assigned to help traverse Elanto on her quest to the capital for political means. Despite their differences, she feels a sense of kinship with the girl, partially due to the proximity of their age, and partially due to the fact that she feels trapped in something she doesn’t want for herself.
Gau An oddity to her. She hasn’t had much interaction with him in no small part to his aloof and distanced behavior. Likewise, she doesn’t quite know if he even acknowledges her presence in the group outside of being useful.
Xanaphus Opposites in every possible way. Their meeting and subsequent interactions were volatile to say the least, and little changed this state for some time. The noble seemed to be trying to mend bridges with her, but she is unsure of her true intentions and is wary of her.
Rhiannon She is indebted to the archfey for saving her life, even though she still doesn’t know why. Even after being bloodsworn to the fey for two years, there is much she doesn’t know about her mysterious benefactor, though information seems to slowly be coming to light. At one point, she referred to her as “my daughter”, but what this means is still unknown.

Ori’s oldest memories involve being a wretched orphan living on the harsh streets of Tinuar. One of many orphans who had banded together into a loose guild to look after one another and try to survive. Forced to live on the scraps she could find, or otherwise steal, Ori was thrust into the unforgiving world of doing anything to survive another day. As with all the urchin children, Ori learned the skills of a thief: swiping from an inattentive merchant, pickpocketing lone tourists, and in some cases assaulting the uncooperative mark.
As she grew older, Ori slowly became a de facto leader of the guild, her changeling nature making her a natural at deceiving people and being able to provide for herself and the young children under her charge, despite how meager the provisions she could procure were. Life amongst the back alleys and condemned buildings was no easier in her new leadership, but it brought with it at least a modicum of security that they would live to see the next day.
It was not long until the harsh reality of Tinuar caught up with her and the other urchin children. Tricked by men claiming to want to help the desperate children, they foolishly believed in the chance at a future off the streets. Little did Ori or any of the others realize that these men were in fact wranglers for a big-time slave trader within Tinuar, and they had stumbled on a ripe crop of desperate souls who wouldn’t be missed. They were gathered together with other groups of similarly destitute men, women and children and before they could even attempt to escape were locked up and carted away to auctions to be sold like human cattle.
Ori was quickly separated from her friends and sold off to one of the rich merchants in attendance and for a time, her life became marginally better as promised. For little over a year, she toiled as a servant-maid, cleaning and hard labor filled her days and a rough sleep in a drafty room with a straw bed along with other similar servants filled her nights. She tried her best to keep a low profile, not wanting to be seen by her masters or the other servants that answered to them. Despite all her efforts, she drew the attention of the merchant who held her chain and his business partners, one of whom recognized her for what she was and alerted him to her worth. Suddenly the life of cleaning was replaced with being dressed up and paraded around as a trophy or entertainment. Forced to dance or perform for them, transforming at their behest into their rivals to mock or heckle. Even worse, to be forced to appear as objects of their lust to be ogled. These treatments continued endlessly, day in and day out. Steadily they became more and more bold, taking to drunkenly throwing objects at her while she was to be mocked.
One fateful and unfortunate night, she was called by one of her masters trusted butlers to one of the sitting rooms to perform. There she was met by one of the man’s associates who stated that she was to perform for him and threatened her if she were not to comply, stating that her master had given permission. At first it seemed like any other time before, he demanded of her to appear as some woman that he fancied and dance for him. The more he drank, however, the more frustrated he became with her performances, shouting at her as if she were in fact the one she appeared as. His frustrations turned violent as he threw his liquor bottles at her and would grab her, eventually throwing her to the ground and kicking her. Her vulnerable state threw the man into a frenzy as he viciously tore her meager clothing from her.
The next few minutes grew blurry as a flurry of limbs as she struggled to free herself, receiving a few blows in return as the man attempted to restrain her. The next thing she remembered was the sound of the door to the room flying open and seeing her master enter, red in the face. Expecting to be saved from the assault, she instead found the man’s cane as the only relief as he joined his friend in beating her struggling form until she could struggle no more.
Things were dark as her mind tried to stay conscious and she vaguely heard the two men arguing before dragging her off to gods knew where. She felt as they tossed her bruised and battered bare self into a carriage and drove from the town into the nearby woods where she was unceremoniously tossed and left for dead. As her mind drifted between consciousness and unconsciousness, time became vague and seemed to slip by. She felt herself drifting away before feeling her body becoming enveloped in a warm and inviting energy. Slowly she opened her eyes and saw an impossible being before her, a slender creature wreathed in nature that seemed to pour magic into her broken form. Her voice failed at any attempt to speak to the being and she felt a wave of exhaustion as the energy drained from her and she fell into a deep sleep accompanied by the early morning sounds of the birds in the trees.
As she slept, she dreamed of fantastic landscapes and impossible creatures not of this world. A message passed within her dreams, that she had been given another chance and granted the powers to survive.
She awoke to the bright sunlight, unaware of how much time she had slumbered in the woods. Alive, but still pained she saw the bruising that still remained, covered by a lone pelt that had been left by her unknown benefactor. Her mind was a swirl of anger and fear, as far as anyone knew she had died in the woods but what would happen if she were found out. Waiting until the next nightfall, she snuck through the woods back towards the town as best she could, swiping some clothing from the nearest outlying home to cover herself. Fearing for the children other children that she had been separated from the previous year, she returned to their usual living places but found nothing. All of the others were gone with not a trace to find them. Anger overtook the fear, and she wanted nothing but revenge.
For weeks after that harrowing night, she took to the streets tracking down any and all slave wranglers she could find, using the skills that once kept her and her friends alive and fed to become one with the dark streets as she stalked her prey. They were unaware when, in a flurry of blades and magic she was upon them in the dead of night. She left each alive, though in a rough and wounded shape, as a message to those they served, trying to scare them away. The more she hunted them, the more reckless she became and the more she found that the web of slavery had dug itself into the society of Tinuar. Her shadowy presence was noticed by the powers that were, despite her keeping to the dark of night, her amateur vigilante escapades became a pattern and security was steadily increased. Despite this, her excursions continued with decreasing success, often being driven off by the guards and bodyguards hired to thwart her.
It was on one such night that she met him, the man known as Magus Ektor. He spoke in vague meanings and asked that she cease her self-destructive activities, implying that she had a greater purpose than to throw her life away on a meaningless quest for revenge. Though she argued to the contrary, she couldn’t refute his claims that she would only find her own death. Beseeching her to open her mind, she obliged if only to get him to leave her alone. In doing so, she heard the voice of the one who saved her, the Fey Queen. Her anger had blocked out the voice that had been trying to reach her, and once she stopped to think she heard it clearly. For the first time she grieved her missing friends and her own lost sense of innocence and life, and the fey queen gifted her a mask to hide herself and to cope with her past. At the feys insistence, she accompanied Magus away from Tinuar and joined with his guild, the Mendikan. They taught her much of what she lost out on in life, how to read and write, basic geography and etiquette. Amongst their number she even met another like her, Sybelline, one she could trust knowing their shared heritage. After some time, she officially joined their number and set off to Elanto to investigate the disappearances of the populace, partially at the request of the Mendikan, and partially at her own patrons.
Upon arriving in the port town to rendezvous with the others, Ori wasted no time taking a place disguised as one of the hostesses of the appointed meeting location.
When the rest of the party arrived accompanied by Madisan and Lakshima, she decided to test them a bit by acting as their serving girl and over the course of serving them had changed her appearance thrice before Madisan caught on and revealed her. Through further interactions in the city, the group discovered a plot by a race of serpentine humanoids who referred to themselves as the Yuan-Ti, culminating in the creatures abduction of the mayors son. Ori volunteered her skills as an infiltrator, taking the form of a Yuan-Ti that she earlier had slew and posing herself as one of their number while entering their warehouse lair. She was unable to save the boy, whom was spirited away through magical means. Despite her efforts, relations between herself and the elf, Xanaphus were further strained when she was accused of not trying to actually save the boy.
Accompanying the group into the large city, Ori’s attention was immediately drawn to the large Ebony Tower, matching the description of that given to her by Rhiannon. Told to seek out Malaketh, someone claimed to know the reason that the Nightmare Child was being awoken or invoked. Later, when she revealed her intent to the group, she was informed the man had been dead for almost 500 years.
In an effort to discover more about the college, she accompanied Tordex and Gau to a raucous meeting of the students. In doing so, she was eventually contacted by an agent of one of the countries information brokers who wished to do business with her, in exchange they requested information on the group known as the ASURAs, an alleged college revolutionary group, and their dealings. Posing as a curious student, she was taken to a meeting of the ASURAs where she discovered that not only was the group involved with the sorceress from Engave, but they had become aligned with a Yuan-Ti who claimed to harness the power of the Nightmare Child, and had in his possession a black crystal bowl that radiated fey energy.
Regrouping with the others, she laid out the tale of what she had seen, and in doing so revealed her own origins and nature to them.
Returning to the college, they were met with a panicked scene as an ambulance left with a familiar child in tow, the boy from Engave. Departing for the hospital-shrine, they made their way to the boy and learned that the boy was allegedly brought to the city to learn magic at the college, and that the sorceress had been the one responsible.


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