The Shadowed Soul


Race: Warforged

Age: ????

Class: Cleric

Size: Medium (6’3)


“I would rather you not bother me. I have much work to do.”

Proug is the fourth Warforged made and the youngest of Gau’s brothers. In life he was known as the Shadow Knight for the aura of darkness that clings to him. Oddly enough shadows seem to be pulled in his general direction.

He was awakened in under the city of Cen’Acnes, when Gau brought him back to life.

Gau remembers him as being very reclusive. Being the middle child he knew all of his brothers and sisters names and goings on. Rather than be expressive as they were, he chose to focus his attentions on his studies.

Gau’s Rest

He was a witness when Gau was laid to rest at what is now known as Riverdale. According to his memory, the Warforged were supposed to awaken when the threat of the Urnovi reemerged. According to the soothsayers, Gau was to be the first to wake, for the Urnovi would strike again at his location first, and that he would be awakened by a “Mage of great power.”

During his resting ceremony, his memories were tampered with by the Guard Forged stationed at the control panels. It was then Jurea, under the effects of Oricalcum, burst in and nearly destroyed the resting place. Gau managed to subdue her, but not before sustaining heavy injury himself. Proug wanted to go back for him, but Gau determined he had been comprimised, and must remain where he was.

After the building collasped and the conflict that leveled the city ended, Proug saw his brother’s nearly destroyed body lying on the ground. With the help of Magus they were able to prop him back up, save what they could of his memories, and hoped for the best.

Proug took Gau’s sword, knowing it was no longer safe in his resting place. It was his hope that his brother would return to him and reclaim his sword once again.

Battle of Cen’Acnes

During the Battle of Cen’Acnes Proug’s shadowforged were sent en masse to protect the citizens. Their work allowed the soldiers to focus on helping civilians while they fought the monsters that besieged the city.

Through the party’s help, he was able to discover the purpose behind the statues beneath Castle Candoria. According to legend, his Shadowforged were incomplete, and required physical bodies to manifest. As such Mechanus crafted stone statues to allow his spirits to take hold and become corporeal, allowing them to more effectively quell the chaos throughout the city.

His body grew weak at defending the staff, and as such was taken hostage. The party saved him, to which he was able to by them some time before fighting Asyl Vane.

Cen’Acnes Aftermath

He was lauded as one of the heroes and has elected to stay within the city. Having regained most of his memories he was able to show how Gau came to lose his and why he hasn’t regained them.

He is not entirely sure what it means but he knows if anyone has the answers it’s his sister Jurea, who was laid to rest in Mil’Cendecun.


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