The Cra'Ori'Gaudu


A Guard Forged the party met beneath Riverdale. Originally under the control of the Unweavers, Gau managed to knock it back to its senses by slamming his Ghulra into Rhodr-Ah’s, upon which it aided them in their battle against Jannes and Jambra.

It stuck around with Gau for a few weeks afterward, answering questions and providing the amnesiac Gau with some insight into his history. Rhod-Ra then left for reasons unknown, but he did express an unusual interest in meeting Gau again.

Battle for Cen’Acnes

Rhod-Ra was seen once again atop the flying ship above Cen’Acnes. He aided his brother and companions in a battle against the unweavers and was able to take control of the ship.

After the battle he told Gau he was experiencing feelings and other strange phenomena such as dreams and desires. He said they were what kept him from being fully brainwashed by the Unweavers when he returned to their side.

He currently resides in Cen’Acnes with Proug, hoping to reverse engineer the ship for Acnecia’s benefit and to remain a liaison to Galandria.

The other forged beings that he “enlightens” have begun calling him the Cra’Ori’Gaudu


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