Shiplea/Nirmata Ola'Ru Millicenti

Youngest of the Millicenti


The twins Shiplea and Nirmata are the youngest of the Millicenti children. Completely insepperable the two are nearly always seen together and if not together at least close by. Being on the cusp of elven adulthood they still chaf at being treated as children although they have not yet reached the maturity or sense of responsibility of their older siblings.

The twins enjoy the perks of being a noble and are quite an ambitious pair. Never having wanted for anything in their lives they are rather spoiled and tend to look down on people they feel are beneath them. Their disturbing habit of talking in unison bothers many and being a bit of a sycophant does not help matters

Growing up they clashed regularly with their closest sibling, Xanaphus who is but a few years older than them and they would regularly mock and tease her because of being a tiefling. For several years when Xanaphus’ powers were manifesting and she was in poor health they grew quite jealous of the attention she was receiving and this interaction has influenced their relationship ever since. For her part Xanaphus gets quite annoyed with them and will often snipe back despite the admonishment of Daerora, their eldest sister.

Shiplea/Nirmata Ola'Ru Millicenti

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