Sifu Balthazar

Grand Monk of the Sardonia Monastary


Age: 57

Race: Dragonborn (Gold)

Class: Monk/Sorceror

Background: Sage

Alliances: Ten Masters, Sardonia Monastary, Order of Bahamut



Balthazar is the Grand Monk of the Sardonia Monastary. He is well respected among the people of Ryūtenjū for his skills and powers.


He is the oldest son of Naga and Balasar, two famous monks in their own right.

As a child he was very weak and sickly. Some days he couldn’t even leave his bed. When his health worsened his parents underwent a journey across the archipelago to find a cure.

Eventually they succeeded but at the cost of their own lives. Balthazar swore to never let their sacrifices be in vain and used his newfound strength to power his mind and body.

Grand Monk Balthazar

It didn’t take long for Balthazar to make a name for himself. In five years he already proved himself the strongest monk in the Sardonia Monastary. Despite this he retained his jovial attitude, and constantly pushed his peers and shared his knowledge with others.

When the old master passed on Balthazar was the popular and obvious choice. Since then he made it a rule to allow any and all types into his Monastary. Because of this his was the fastest growing Monastary in all of Ryūtenjū.

In his old age he currently has found a successor. His illegitimate daughter, and only child, Kreskwen.

Sifu Balthazar

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