Sifu Grabrezu

The Pain


Age: 49

Race: Dragonborn (Green/Blue)

Class: Monk

Background: Urchin

Alliances: Ten Masters, Peridoma Monastary, The Unweavers


A resident of Ryutenju, Grabrezu has been plagued by strange dreams since his youth. Despite this he’s proved himself a talented warrior and a smart tactician. It was through his own personal abilities that he was chosen to supercede the lackadaisical Shamash as the Head Monk of the Peridoma.

During the Outsider Incursion of Ryutenju, Grabrezu was pinned as the one who ochestrated the attack. As a result he and his pupils fled Sardonia, only for him to escape while his students were captured.

Khyati and his group saw him again in Peridoma, where he helped them escape the Gallandrian Orcs.

He revealed Elohim as the true culprit and the Ambassadors as the ones who were orchestrating the attack.

After Khyati’s battle with Elohim, Grabrezu stole the Ring of Mind Shielding. When confronted he shattered the ring with his knife, causing the pent up negative energy to be released.

He was last seen at Baba’s house, forcing her to tell where the remaining Teeth are in Lemura-Tur.

Sifu Grabrezu

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