Tordex Frostbeard

Batarus' Blood


Age: 125
Race: Mountain Dwarf
Class: Wizard
Background: Sage
Height: 4’4"
Weight: 160


Born the second son of the clan brew master, Tordex lived his early life as assistant to his older brother, along with his younger brother. Living in the mountains, of course, makes the growing and gathering of grains and hops to make the ale difficult, a task often relegated to Tordex, as his older brother was busy learning the finer points of brewing from their father. Tordex still learned the trade of course, imbibing dwarves is not merely a task for one, but much of his time was spent shepherding his younger brother up and down the mountainsides of their home.

It was during one of these shepherding missions that Tordex first encountered his affinity toward magic. While traveling with his then very young brother, they were caught in an avalanche that buried them in a punishing pile of snow. Not yet strong enough to pull both himself and his brother through the freezing drifts, their demise was all but certain. Yet somehow, for reason Tordex himself has yet to fully explain, he was able to conjure up a heat that melted away the snow enough that he could struggle himself and his brother to safety.

Near death experiences are never things to take lightly. After that encounter, Tordex became fascinated by the way magic could work, and in the collected history of his people’s libraries, he found volumes and volumes about forces that had not been seen for ages. Normally, of course, one would be expected to learn his father’s trade and continue the business of the family. However, the Frostbeard name is not one for a family completely devoted to making drinks. In his pursuit of and talent for magic, Tordex’s father saw the shades of his own great-grandfather, an adventurer himself who lead the entire clan to the mountains they inhabited. With two other sons to take over the brewing, Tordex’s father was able to allow his son the chance to deepen his knowledge of the magic that had been thought dormant.

Tordex dove into his studies with fervor, driven by a fascination with the way the world around him operates, particularly in the makeup of things, and how that makeup can be changed. The brewery was a fantastic microcosm of this process, and his studies first manifest themselves in helping his family develop an ale that was not only the tastiest the clan had ever tasted, but proved strong enough to knock even the toughest dwarf off his barstool.

Eventually, Tordex moved into teaching a group of scholars himself, after the death of his own long-term professor. He was a knowledgeable professor, though students quickly took note of his propensity for quickly moving onto tangents he found interesting, and losing patience when the students couldn’t keep up.More than one student found themselves ducking to avoid a roll of parchment or book that Todex would throw after particularly dense statements. Yet he always seemed up for after-class discussions and questions, often over a drink or two from his family’s brew.

However, soon after taking over the class, disaster once again struck his family, this time threatening the entire clan. While out foraging, his brothers were attacked by a roving pack of animals, animals normally considered docile and unthreatening. They tried to escape back t the mountains, but were pursued, with more multitudes following after them. Tordex got word of this, and rushed out to help as the rest of the clan prepared to seal up the mountain in defense. He and his brothers fought bravely, but seemed to have little hope against the horde. But, this is where Magus intervened, seemingly coming from nowhere, and knowing exactly what was needed to turn back the beasts.

That moment struck Tordex powerfully, both for Magus’ quick response, and the knowledge that he had met this man before, but in a much different setting. The dream. That dream that haunted him for years, the dream that confirmed in him the knowledge that the magic he studied so intensely was once incredibly powerful. In that moment, Tordex knew he had to find out more about this magic, more than could be found in the dusty tomes around him. He had to pick up his family’s nearly forgotten history, and venture out into the world. This is no easy task for a dwarf so tied to his own people, and it took the letter from Magus, calling him to repay his favor, that finally provided the excuse he needed to leave the mountain and embark on his journey.

Tordex Frostbeard

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