Sardonian Fighter


Race: Dragonborn

Class: Fighter

Background: Urchin

Age: 21



Toseth was born to a very poor family in the Ovsidus Island in Ryūtenjū. He spent most of his time picking fights with people who could easily overpower him, yet somehow he always managed to win.

Most say he’s too dumb to know when to quit, but Sifu Balthazar saw great potential in him. As such, he was asked to leave his family behind, and join the Sardonian Monks.

While he protested, his parents told him he would grow to his full potential, and that they’re proud their son has an opportunity they never did. And so he went off, but not without his father’s head wrap, which he keeps as a momento.

The Sardonian Monk

Without family or friends Toseth clung to any group that would give him a passing glance. One of these people was Khyati, whom he chose as a personal rival. Khyati, however never saw him as a rival but as a fellow student, and sometimes annoyance.


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