Xanaphus Ola'Ru Millicenti

Chaos happens around her and to her, it is just her nature.

- Madisen

Xanaphus appears to be a High elf and the splitting image of her mother with the same fine features and build. The only real difference is her long tail and horns that peak out of her hair to curl around her ears to reveal her true nature as a Tiefling. She has the ageless beauty of the elves and her age is quite difficult to determine. Her hair has been known to have changed color upon occasion due to wild magic but her natural color is a pale blonde.

She always wears a pendant with her family crest on one side and the 8 pointed star of chaos on the other although it is usually concealed so as to not draw attention to herself unless she wants to. She also often hangs jewelry from her horns or works her hair into braids. She has adopted the chaos star as her personal symbol and people may notice earrings or a necklace that incorporates that symbol. Usually dressed practically with a bit of flair she enjoys dressing up and can be a little vain but she keeps it under control.


Xanaphus was born in the year 456. Born as a tiefling she was a bit of a surprise but nonetheless was very well loved by her parents and older siblings. Even as an infant strange things began to happen around her that at first to dismissed as people’s imagination but they soon came to realize were something that surrounded her. Simple things like the distant tinkling of bells or finding random bubbles drifting through the air in her nursery. At first they believed it to be a sign of divine blessing but as she grew into a small child it quickly became apparent is was some form of wild magic manifesting itself around her. It remained an amusing diversion for many years until she reached her early teenage years when it quickly became much more powerful and at times even dangerous with fireplaces or torches erupting into flames and consuming their wood in seconds and what was once soft sounds could range from a whisper to an earsplitting colophony of noise.

As it grew more powerful she was overtaken by splitting migraines and grew ill. Many doctors tried to treat her but they could find nothing physically wrong and instructors of the magic arts attempted to teach her to control her burgeoning powers but this only seemed to make matters worse. She began to lose weight from loose of appetite and was in a lot of pain, often resting in a darkened room to try and alleviate the symptoms.

Her parents were very worried for her but could not find a cause or source. Her mother was taking studies at the Ivory tower in the capital and one day she spoke about her daughter’s condition to a group of friends when one of them noticed she was preoccupied. One of these people was the talented sorceress Madisen who noted Xanaphus’ behavior seemed consistent with an unusual type of sorcerery and asked if she could take a look. This permission was very quickly granted and Madisen soon met with Xanaphus.

Madisen explained that just like locations can manifest a connection to a plane sometimes a person can become a connection, a living conduit. She suspected Xanaphus to be such a conduit, just a tiny trickle of sorcery flowing through as a baby but when she hit puberty the channel grew larger and was likely only going to grow larger and the effects would be much more powerful. Calming their fears she told them that as a conduit the best thing for Xanaphus was to allow the magic to flow, trying to control it and suppress it just let the power overflow like a dammed up river and eventually it would spill over. The migraines Xanaphus was suffering was a symptom of the pressure and the wild magic surges were spill over. Although she was still young Xanaphus needed to be taught how to use her magic as soon as possible. Letting the magic flow through her would prevent it from overflowing and although she was more prone to surges it would be a lot safer if she could be in a safe place when it did happen instead of randomly where a bystander could be hurt.

Madisen took Xanaphus under her wing as her protégé and began teaching her basic spells. Ignoring theory for a time she took a route of teaching Xanaphus basic spells to get her magic flowing correctly and after a few incidents and only mild property damage Xanaphus was able to use some simple spells, although her glee at using firebolt against birds was disturbing.

Her migraines lifted and her appetite soon returned to normal and she returned to being the chaotic ball of energy she had been before. During this time while studying under Madisen’s tutelage she met the young Magus who was close in age to her attending the Ivory Tower although she thought him to be a complete nerd and rather annoying.

Madisen would take her on short adventures and gave Xanaphus a lot of exposure to a side of the world that she didn’t see as much of growing up since her family hadn’t exposed her to much of their daily work. Xanaphus holds a lot of respect for Madisen and trusts her completely as her mentor and friend.

As she got older and more in control of her abilities she too would enroll into the Ivory tower at an early age although she was not a studious student and relied on raw talent and skill rather than knowledge and training. This was enough to get her through although there were several incidents that nearly resulted in her expulsion including a rather wild and memorable party that resulted in one of the student buildings being burned to the ground. Fortunately it was one that was scheduled to be replaced soon so the fallout from that incident wasn’t as bad as it could have been and she had not been the one to actually cause the damage.

She has two older siblings, Eidmund and Deoroara who she loves and respects greatly and in turn they both love her fondly. The twins are her younger siblings and she has never gotten along with them seeing them as self-centered brats with no sense of responsibility. For their part they will go out of their way to annoy her and tease her meanly, often mocking her being a tiefling.

As the middle child and the second daughter Xanaphus does not have any particular responsibilities or special attention on her giving her a lot of freedom. She is strongly idealistic with a very deep sense of responsibility because of her station in life. Like many in her family she believes her life is one of service to her country and people, this view has been further honed by Madisen’s influence on her showing her how she can help and teaching her a measure of humility towards people of all stations in life. To this end she has taken to doing some adventuring of her own which in turn has garnered her a bit of a reputation and a number of people who respect her for what she tries to do for them.

She does not tend to flaunt or even proclaim her station, usually not wearing obvious signs of wealth although people sometimes do pick up on her non verbal cues such as the quality of her clothing and speech mannerisms. Such things like her family crest and personal emblems she keeps tucked away unless she determines she needs to exert her position.

An odd side effect of her nature is the tendency for chaos to happen around her. She sometimes won’t even be involved and random events will occur in her presence. A cable snaps, a wine barrel tap pops loose, a horse throws a shoe, a chance breeze even blowing smoke into somebodies face. These normal events happen dramatically more often when she is around and leads to strange situations that she will sometimes end up blamed for. Even a simple prank as buying a drink for somebody can backfire when it turns out she bought the drink for the one shapeshifter who reacts poorly to it. This does have its advantages however, she gets incredibly lucky at games of chance and she gets incredibly lucky when needed.

Recently she got word from Madisen about Lynette Ola’Ru Rowe who had been called up on for the Kimitari. She quickly traveled over to Jo’Murel to meet up with them where she meet and joined the party accompanying the young Lynette. Hiding her shock at how much Lynette looked like the former Queen she has been trying her best to educate Lynette on the customs and etiquette of Elanto. Xanaphus has been shocked to find out about the true nature of the Mendican and what Madisen has been doing as well as the looming threat to Elanto from the Unweavers that has her worried.

Xanaphus did not tell anybody except a small circle that she was slowly dying. Her chaos magic grew over the years and she knew eventually it would begin to overwhelm her akin to a dementia where her emotions would control her. When she reached this point she would be too dangerous to people around her so she determined to do what good she could in the time she had and was planning to commit suicide in a year time with her sister Deoroara as her second before events in Jo’Murel caused her to reach a tipping point.

Xanaphus died soon after in Alcimoth trying to save her younger sister from the Yaun Ti. Weakened already she nonetheless tried to stop them and died in the battle.

Xanaphus Ola'Ru Millicenti

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