Zodan Stormborn

Champion of Ashar


Zodan is a large, well built man. Quite the jovial sort who enjoys a good drink with friends as much as a far ranging adventure. He usually keeps his bright red hair and beard braided into very intricate braids and patterns and will often be redoing them into new patterns when bored. He seems to be very comfortable both in the wilderness as well as in towns and has a friendly air about him that puts everybody at ease.


Zodan Stormborn was born on the night of the worst storm in even the elder's memories. As he was born lightning struck his family's house but did not ignite or damage the home. Trained in the ways of his people he quickly showed signs of the blessing from Anshar. He apprenticed under the warrior clerics who served their scattered farming communities and the warriors who defended against roving Orc raiders from the wilds. As an acolyte He traveled with a learned master with a company of warriors as they patrolled the highlands. Recent attacks had been reported in the area and they soon came to a small hamlet that had been hit hard. The orcs had been bloodied but not before inflicting much damage. Zodan was left behind to tend to the injured and wounded while his companions sought out the raiders. Hours after they had left and as darkness began to fall cries of alarm rang out. Zodan rushed to the defense and saw a number of direwolves attacking. Formerly mounts of the slain orcs for the raid earlier they had evidently formed a pack and been attracted to the smell of blood. The defenders were weakened from before so the battle quickly turned against the defenders. They began to fall back trying to protect their families. Zodan stayed in the lead, fending off the wolves desperately as people sought cover in root cellars and near rocky bottlenecks. Facing off against the dire wolves with his symbol in hand he cursed them and readied himself for their final charge. The first lunged forward faster than he could react and sunk its teeth into his arm and it began to pull him back and forth like a rag doll. The crack of reality bending rang in his ears as the growls from the wolves were replace by howls of pain. The wolf on top of him was wrenched aside violently and hurled easily through the air to strike the ground with a sickening thud. Catching his breath Zodan saw an armored hand reach down to help him up. The cleric smiled and spoke "Tis good we reached you in time, you held them at bay long enough". Magus joined them, the tendrils of magical flame still wisping around him and the howls of the wolves faded with their lives. Many years later, now a cleric in his own right he began experiencing obscure visions of disaster and chaos anytime he performed his meditation rites. Each time he performed the rituals the same visions returned in different forms. Realizing these were a warning from the gods he prayed and meditated for many days for guidance. The visions changed and revealed a land across the sea. He could see people alongside him and a dark shadow on the horizon. Zodan realized this was a message from Anshar. Though he did not know where to go or what the dangers were he knew that he needed to travel across the seas. He packed his bags and traveled to the major port city to seek passage. Upon arrival he was approached by a friend he knew from his youth. Clasping arms they cheered their good fortune to see each other. His friend revealed they had just arrived in port mere hours before. On the last leg of their journey his friend had been given a letter to deliver to Zodan along with some coin by a stranger just before they left port. He was very surprised to see Zodan just arriving in town and gave him the letter before they raised glasses together. Reading the letter from Magus, Zodan realized now he knew where to start on his journey.

This path took him on a long winding road where he proceeded to get caught with his pants down by wood elves… literally.

Later on he would get captured by the church of Manas where he would meet and make a personal connection with Sariah Derossier.

Distrustful of his companions sense of justice after a battle against the unweavers he took the captive Melitia and Beelizabeth to the Church of Manas. After the party had finally resolved their differences and gained a new respect for each other they returned as a group to save both women who would later become allies of the party

The Battle of Cen’Acnes
Zodan managed to recover a priceless artifact of Anshar when he reclaimed the stolen crown that the Unweaver Wyne had been using to empower his airship during the battle of Cen’Acnes and during the battle made use of its power against Osyl Vane as an avatar of Anshar.

Aftermath and departure
After the battle Zodan helpped rebuild Cen’Acnes and began establishing a new church of Anshar in the capital. Returning to Riverdale he also found more priests of Anshar had traveled to the city with the establishment of a new church of Anshar there as well after a former Acolyte of Manas he had spoken to converted.

Proud of this new found growth he decided to return to the Davarian archipelago to return the crown to its rightful place, see about rallying his countrymen and continue to expand and grow the faith on the mainland. He has been joined in this journey by Melitia, Belezabeth and Sariah and after goodbyes from his former companions set off across the sea to begin a new adventure.

Zodan Stormborn

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