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  • Gau

    _Built for a war that has ended, searching for purpose_ Standing at seven feet tall, Gau looks like an archaic unfinished looking Warforged. While large armor plating encase his shoulders, limbs and extremities, his joints, neck, torso chassis reveal …

  • Proug

    bq). "I would rather you not bother me. I have much work to do." Proug is the fourth Warforged made and the youngest of Gau's brothers. In life he was known as the Shadow Knight for the aura of darkness that clings to him. Oddly enough shadows seem to …

  • Rhod

    The second warforged. Modeled after Gau. Was Gau's second during the War of the Magisters and the War of the Urnovi. Byrnai refers to Rhod as a polarizing figure in the Empire. To the nationalists he's a hero. To many colonies he's a bully and a tyrant.

  • Jurea

    The fifth warforged created, and Gau's first sister. She was known as the first true Mage based Warforged. During the war of the Magisters she sided with Malaketh against her father. During the War of the Urnovi she was in charge of running the …

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