Name: Alcimoth, The Black Jewel of Ranthaar

Population: 48,000, 35% Elvish, 34% Human, 15% Dwarves, 12% Gnome/Halfling, 2% Goliath, 1% Other Races

Founded: 49 E.O.Mag, Tur Dabh Draiochta (Ebony Tower Academy) in 51 E.O.Mag


Alcimoth was one of the first major cities founded in Elanto. The city was originally started as a mining site due to the founder’s believing the mountain side was rich in precious metals. He found himself correct, as well as learning the land was perfect for farming and raising livestock, despite being sandwiched between the base of a mountain and an arid low altitude desert. Not long after the city was founded did the Ebony Academy begin open enrollment. Over the years the city proved to be an invaluable foothold for Elanto’s spread south.

The city currently boasts the third largest population in Elanto, and is the second most diverse. In addition to providing the nation with vast resources, the city lies at the junction between many diverging roads, connecting the southern part of the country as a whole. Plus the city’s booming economy makes it attractive to many who try to hone their craft nearby.

Notable Figures:
– Mayor Ru’Ard Bhumi’Do (6th Caste)
– Captain Eidmond Ola’Ru Millicenti (5th Caste), one of the three Captains of the Guard
– Callior Agni’or Fan’Dremel (5th Caste), Headmaster at the Ebony Academy
– Alavara Vayu’Nar (6th Caste), Mistress of Ceremonies
– Sharune Dwighter (3rd Caste), Elected Head of the Mining Collaboration
– Ragashu Durmog (2nd Caste), Town Guardsman who gets results. A favorite among some.
– Ballari Ashu’Baram (4th Caste), Head of Trade and Economics

Notable Locations:
– The Ebony Tower, one of the two most prestigious universities in Elanto
– Rantharr Presidium, the governing district.
– Ashaman Amphitheater, the area in which all major plays are done.
– Rantharr Mines, shut down mines that have since been reused for study and tourism.
– Ars Artisa, Art Museum. Currently houses original works from The Faceless Bard
– Central Fountain, a fountain located at the “heart” of the town. Has the city’s clock constantly overhead.
– Little Goliah, a neighborhood made up of purely Goliath residents.

The city is currently celebrating the Post-Luciad Festival: The Week of Joy and Dreams.

Notable NPC’s
-Collin: boy from Engeve. Brought here with his grandfather. Has a sephirot.
-Rindou Agni’Or Mindartin: fourth caste. Head of Operations at the Rantharr Mines.
-A’Zeer Ukano: Student at the Ebony Academy. A member of the Kais and the ASURAS.
-Simon: student studying planar theory in college.
-Blue Information Broker: half orc man, a member of the Brokers.
-Kaldrak: a guardian naga. Not a resident of this city but of the shrine near Engeve.


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