Here you will find Location pages for each of the places the protagonists traverse.


These are the places in the continent of Lemura-Tur

Acnecia: The League of Lords

The youngest nation on the continent of Lemura-Tur. Made from tribes who grew in prominence over the last 300 years.








Santiag (South) – The Dragon’s Maw

The Immutable Galandrian Empire

A nation built upon the backs of many diverse races. Considered a nation where all are equal.

The Elanto Realm of Mages

A nation managed by powerful magicians. One of the most advanced nations in the world in regards to magic.

It is split into 4 Provinces

-Chen’Lung Province (East)

- Suzaku Province (South)

- Byako’Khan Province (West)

- Genbu’Ser Province (North)

In addition there are a few idependent territories within Elanto borders. They are not considered Elantian, but do share alliances with them.

-The Western Aviary

-The Eastern Aviary

-The Underground


-Various Druidic Convents

Bataar, The Savage North

A tribalistic nation united by the followers of the Primals. Their nation is both treacherous and inhospitable to outsiders.

Darvarian Isles

A realm with no ruler but many forces vying for supremacy. A constant warzone for all who come.


The mercantile Tinuar is one of the only nations in the world to embrace democracy. Pays homage to the Empire but is able to sell anywhere.


Ryutenjuu – The Draconic Archipelago

A collection of islands founded by the great Tiamat and Bahamut. Many dragonborn worldwide consider this place their “holy land.”


Pelli-Kefaro: The Empty Throne DullahanCrow