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  • Enali Madhiya

    A dragonborn sorceress the party first met in Engeve. She was traveling with a human, an Aaracockra, a half orc, and a genasi. The party saw her back in Alcimoth, where she and her group appear to be leaders in the city's Asura branch. Khyati met …

  • Azlindr

    The representative for the Yuan-Ti in Alcimoth. Met with the Asuras. Seems to hold an artifact containing dark power.

  • Amaranthae "Ran" Kali'kur Azai

    Born into a family of common stock, the child of farmers and hunters in the Elantian province of Byakko-Khan along the outskirts of the Baumwoods. As a child, she lived a simple life of a 1st Caste family, learning how to tend fields and care for …

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