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  • Urugat Turdak

    h1. About Urugat Turdak is the only son of Jengur and Yurag Turdak. He grew to be a formidable fighter and spectacular tactician. When he was young he made his mother proud by assuming control of the clan. With his keen insight and bloodthirsty drive …

  • Enali Madhiya

    A dragonborn sorceress the party first met in Engeve. She was traveling with a human, an Aaracockra, a half orc, and a genasi. The party saw her back in Alcimoth, where she and her group appear to be leaders in the city's Asura branch. Khyati met …

  • Blagst Olmec

    h1. About One of the five Wardens of Acnecia, Blagst is a man shrouded in mystery. In public he often keeps his face hidden, save for the occasional appearance at a nobleman's house. He doesn't usually stay long in any one area either. h2. History …

  • Caith

    A member of the Tri-Lights and Sariah and Madisan's traveling companion. Doesn't say much. Is willing to help others of her own volition. Knows Xaniphus through Madisan.

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