The Icons, also known as Lesser Gods, were once mortals who accomplished great deeds. Each one who ascended to godhood was acknowledged by a Paradox then approved by a Primal. Not everyone is capable of becoming a Paragon. Many great individuals have been disregarded despite their deeds. The way to achieve the status of Paragon is a mystery to all save for the gods.
Icons worshiped are often only relevant to one area.

Kingdom of Acnecia

Alandria of Steadfast Virtue

A favorite among Paladins, Alandria was a mortal woman who gained godlike power and used it to combat all evil in the world. She died in battle with her hated enemy, using the last of her power to save people rather than keep herself alive.

Domains: Light, Life, War

Devido of Charity

A god reminiscent of a blind healer. He never once healed himself, only using his powers to heal others. Was said to be a man who was the first doctor of the Third Age. Many widwives, philanthropists, and doctors adhere to his teachings.

Domains: Life

Mordruzkah of Unbridled Vice

Alandria’s archenemy in life, he fought with her countless times. He attained godlike power and used it to crush his enemies and obtain what he wanted. He was said to be a wild beast with no regard for others or the damage he caused.

Domains: Death, War

Shaitan the Deciever

A famous figure in folktales known for tempting and tricking people into taking the easy way, only to be deceived or tricked. Any practitioners of this faith do not practice it outright.

Domains: Death, Trickery

Manas of the Many Hands

Manas was a man from the first age who was a major agent of change. While his history is lost, everyone remembers him for his world changing actions that directly affected the gods themselves. The many hands moniker comes from the myth that Manas manipulated the threads of existence with thousands and thousands of hands.

Current followers act as mere agents of change. They often find societies that they hear are “stagnant” and work to stir some excitement. Some sects are more subtle than others.

Domains: Life, Trickery

Melori, Twins of Song and Stories

Actually two goddesses, these two were sisters who relearned Bardic Knowledge after it was lost to the world. They created many instruments that the ones used today are based upon. The originals are said to be unrivaled in sound and only the greatest musicians can play them.

Domains: Lore, Knowledge,

The Islands of Lemura-Tur

Anshar of the Storms

He was a powerful man who chased storms and tied the skies together. His fearlessness among the high seas was legendary, and he believed all should live as free as the storms themselves. A favorite among the people of Davaria.

Domains: War, Tempest

Skoldi the Ice Hearted

A terrifying woman said to command the forces of ice and snow from her hands. Often living in solitude, her power drew stronger than even titans made of ice themselves. She was said to have nearly destroyed the world once or twice.

Domains: Tempest, Blizzard

Yoraja of the Forests

A being who lived for hundreds of years, and is said to have been the first druid of the Third Age.

Domains: Knowledge, Nature

Urune of the Sands

A god who is said to be the child of Cionna herself. His power is strongest in deserts. Those who live within desert climates pray to him for safe passage.

Domains: Desert, Grave

Ryu-Tenju, the Draconic Archipelago

Bahamut, The Dragon of Serenity (Yang)

The Great Dragon God, said to be a massive and amazingly powerful being. His scales shine white from the countless metals that adorn his skin, and his white breath was said to be able to annihilate entire cities with one puff.

He imparts upon his followers to live a life seeking fulfillment in pursuits beyond themselves. He believes a life without introspection and selflessness is ultimately unsatisfactory. He urges his followers to understand the significance of life, and find their place in the world.

Domains: Life, Light, War, Knowledge

Tiamat, The Dragon of Passion (Yin)

The Great Dragon Goddess, said to be a terrifyingly colossal being. Her scales are vibrant from the mixture of rainbow colors adorning her body. Her black breath is said to rend the land from its roots and leave entire kingdoms decimated in a single day.

She imparts upon her followers to live a life seeking fulfillment in selfish pursuits. She believes a life spent without attaining gratification is a life devoid of meaning. She urges her followers to eke out a place for themselves in life, and to do so regardless of obstacles or personal issues.

Domains: Death, Knoweldge, War, Life

The Realm of Elanto

Titania, The Queen of Dawn

The head of the Dawn Court of the fae deities. Overseer of the daytime and creatures of the light.

Papillona, The Green Woman

A powerful fae deity associated with plantlife and horticulture.

Sharuru, The Flower Kin

A fae deity associated with pixies, spirtes, and other small fae deities.

Nuuala’Ajia, Lady of Smiles

A fae deity associated with joy and laughter.

Porvorata, The Shepherd

A fae deity associated with animals and beasts

Lalavava, the Sunlight Spirit

A fae deity associated with spirits of the daylight.

Morgiana, The Queen of Dusk

A powerful fae deity, said to rule over the night and the beings of shadow.

Apophis, The Blight Bringer

A fae deity associated with disease and illness.

Ereshkigal, Sower of Weeds

A fae deity associated with the decay of life.

Niirtri’Ratri, Lord of Tears

A fae deity associated with sorrow and pain.

Aranyani, The Beast Maker

A fae deity associated with horrid beasts of nightmares.

Avavalal, the Moonlight Phantasm

A fae deity associated with spirits of the night.


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