Paradoxes (Gods)

The Seven Paradoxes

The Seven Majesties are the creators of Pelli-Kefaro. They are the second youngest of gods and are the most likely to intervene on behalf of their devoted. Each god represents a paradox, and in this they manage all aspects of existence. They do not exist on any plane mortals can reach, though they themselves are not bound to any realm.

They are:

  1. Sey’Luni, Goddess of Good and Evil
  2. Yur’Ella, Goddess of Order and Chaos
  3. Vid’Rendi Goddess of Life and Death
  4. Fir’Corta God of Luck and Misfortune
  5. Bas’Taso God of War and Peace
  6. Zil’Murio God of Truth and Lies
  7. Qui’Nifin God of Innovation and Traditions


Depicted as being of two faces, with her symbol being two snakes, one black and one white, coiled into one another.

Holy weapon is a double edged sword.


Depicted as a woman with many arms. On her left is a series of perfect shapes with perfect geometries. On the right hands are several random objects, some of which with impossible shapes, others with shaped mid change.

Holy weapon is a sledgehammer


Depicted as a being with half her face as a skull and the other half as a youthful visage.

Holy weapon is a scythe


The only one with no shape. Often depicted as a coin.

Holy weapon is a long staff.


Depicted as a god with a look of satisfaction on his face while covered from head to toe in spiked armor.

Holy weapon is a glaive.


Depicted as a man holding out an open book but with a wry smirk on his face. The book is also covered with an invisible shroud.

Holy weapon is an axe.


Depicted as an old man with old robes, but has many things growing atop his head.

Holy weapon is a chakram.

Paradoxes (Gods)

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